Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I know I posted goals before, but they were more life goals so I am going to list my goals to accomplish in 2012! There are quite a few of them - I will start with goals that are measurable:

1. Finish fencing our backyard {and hopefully get another puppy!}
2. Go on {or book} a cruise
3. Finish our fully funded emergency fund {6 months of expenses in savings}
4. Get back to the same size jeans I was wearing while Jake & I were first dating {that is 2 pant sizes away from where I currently am}
5. Participate in an endowment session in every Salt Lake and Utah county temple
6. Plant a tree in our yard
7. Participate in a 5K

I was wanting to only have goals that are measurable and will have a finish line but there are a few habits I am trying to form that aren't measurable so here are those:

8. Keep my Jeep clean, especially on the inside {vacuum regularly}
9. Work on being a better "housewife" - work on my cooking, become better at keeping the house clean and organized, etc.
10. Focus on taking life one day at a time and not getting stressed/upset about things that I can't control

The fence and the tree will be happening in the spring. I got the Turbo Jam DVD's for Christmas from Brynne and Blake and I KNOW that will help me reach my goal of losing 2 pant sizes. I just need to consistently work out and really watch what I eat {I have a horrible sweet tooth}. As soon as I find a 5K that I can participate in with Max, I will register for it. My mom and I plan to do an endowment session together every Thursday so that should really help me accomplish my goal to do a session in every temple in Utah and Salt Lake counties. We are making really good progress towards funding our emergency fund but it's hard to leave the money alone - I want to spend it on things for the house!! Hopefully we will keep making good progress though!!

As any of my resolutions are accomplished, I will make sure to blog about it :)

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