Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Bowl Game, Bowling & a Sweet Discount

My dad & Jake's dad have the same birthday - December 29. We both worked that day this year, so we didn't get the celebrate their birthdays with them on that day. We celebrated with my dad on December 30th - the day of the BYU vs Tulsa Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl Game! We had my dad, Brynne, Blake, Jeannene & Popper over to watch the game with us. Since kickoff was at 10 AM our time, we started out with some yummy "breakfast" - cinnamon rolls and milk. We snacked on pretzels until half time and then had crock pot chicken sandwiches - I got the recipe from Ashli who got it here. Jake and I made this a few weeks ago and it was WAY too spicy - but for some reason this time it turned out great. And it is so easy! I love cooking in the crock pot. Then, in traditional BYU fashion, Jeannene & I would randomly find something to clean during a commercial break because BYU doesn't win if the house isn't clean. Yes, I know that the cleanliness of our house has nothing to do with BYU's success but it is a way to get out my nervous energy!

Gorgeous Jeannene
Happy Dad!
Brynne, Blake, Popper & Jake
The game was really good - it started out not so awesome and it turned amazing. Just before the half, we were down 14-3 and punted the ball and Tulsa fumbled on the return and we scored on the next play! That made it so that at the end of the half, we were only down by 3! The second half had some absolutely amazing plays though - way better than the first half! At one point, Riley Nelson {our quarterback} was running east and getting ready to throw west {so across his body} and Matt Reynolds {an awesome lineman} had just been tackled and lost his helmet and he still got up and tackled a defender that was about to tackle Riley so that Riley could throw the ball to Cody Hoffman in the endzone and touchdown Cougars!! That made it 17-14. Some time in the 4th quarter Tulsa scored a touchdown and we were down 21-17. We had no timeouts left and there was 30 ish seconds left on the clock and it was 4th and 9 and we went for it because we needed a touchdown and Riley Nelson didn't have anyone open so he ran the ball up the middle and we got the first down and the clock stopped. We were on the 10 or so yard line and we ran on the next play and gained a few yards but not enough for a touchdown and the clock was still running and we were out of timeouts so they hurried to line up and were intending to spike the ball and then Riley Nelson changed the play and pretended to spike the ball and we scored a touchdown!!!!!!!! BYU wins! YAY!!! We broke a school record for winning 3 bowl games in a row - kind of a sad record to break but we broke it nonetheless! We were all screaming and jumping up and down and it was just awesome.

After the game, I took my dad home and then Jake & I had a nap and woke up to go bowling for New Years Eve Eve. We usually spend New Years Eve with Jake's family but because New Years Day is a Sunday this year and they all have 9 AM church they decided to do New Years Eve a day early and invited us to come along. We went bowling at Jack & Jill in Lehi and had so much fun! We went with Jody & Teresa, Chris & Tandy and their 4 kids, Britt & Jeremy and their 3 kids, Colby & Becca and their 3 kids, Dustin & his girls & mom :)

Me & Jake
Jake & Jeremy laughing
Me & Emrie
Jake sneakily pulling up Emrie's hood
Emrie strikes a pose
Me & Kenzie
Cute Kenzie
After we were done bowling, we went home to check on Jake's dad. He had got something in his eye while he was working on his birthday and had to go to the eye doctor to get it out. No fun at all :( He was feeling much better, just a little squinty in his eye. We hung out there for a bit, watching TV and playing with the girls and then we left to get gas for the cars.

That is gas for BOTH of our cars - THANK YOU SMITH'S!!!

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