Friday, December 9, 2011

DI trip & I love you because

On Wednesday I went to DI in American Fork and was there for over an hour looking at the wood and knick knack sections! Here are some pictures of the things I found - I can't wait to fix these things up and use them for decorating!

Mary & Joseph - $3 for the set
Wooden hearts for the decor ledge at Valentines! $1.50 each 
A birdhouse with awkward colors and a tin watering can - I am planning to use these for the decor ledge in the Spring - $2.50 for the 2 of them!
I don't know what you would call this, but I made it into a manger! $1.50!
I pulled this wooden thing apart, pulled out the wooden dowel, painted it a beige color and then sanded it really good to give it a "loved" feel. Then I hot glued rafia into the bottom to make hay. I also cleaned off Mary & Joseph really well & sanded them down as well (it covered all of the paint discolorations!!) and here they are!!

I think it's really cute, especially considering I spent $4.50 on it!

Wednesday night, after I was done with Mary & Joseph and was sitting on the couch by the Christmas tree, I looked at the Dating Diva's blog and found a super cute idea. It is a black frame with a decorated template underneath it that says "I love you because". Each spouse takes a turn writing something they love about the other person on the glass with expo marker. When the other person wants to write something, you simply erase the previous message with a paper towel {since it is written on the glass} and write a new message! SUCH a cute idea!! Click here to get the printable template from their site. I decided to hurry and "make" it since I already had everything needed - a black frame and a printer!

The finished product!
Its new home - next to the kitchen sink!
I thought it was a cute idea, and wrote a note for Jake on it that night - but to be honest I figured he would think it's a little cheesy and not write anything on it or worse - make fun of me for it haha.

The note I wrote to Jake Wednesday night
The note he wrote back Thursday morning
I have the best husband ever!! And the whole thing was free!!! So many good things happening all at once!! I love crafting - it makes me happy. Almost as happy as my husband makes me :)

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