Saturday, December 10, 2011

Heart Felt Wreath

A while ago I found the CUTEST idea for a wreath on my good friend Allie Wagstaff's blog, so she gets credit for the fabulous idea. Click here to see her posting of the wreath when she made it!

I decided last week that I was going to make this and set out to buy the stuff. I was able to get everything needed for under $10. Not too bad, but I could have done it for a little cheaper I think if I had made multiple trips or used more coupons. I got everything at Hobby Lobby - the heart shaped styrofoam wreath for $3.49, straight pins for $2.99 and 1 yard of red felt for $2.99.

When I got home from work Thursday, Jake was just barely starting to get some decent sleep so I decided to start my wreath to prevent me from waking him up out of boredom. I was thinking it would take me a few nights, but I pushed through and did it all in one night! It took me nearly 6 hours though haha.

To make this wreath, you will need scissors, 1 yard felt, heart shaped styrofoam wreath, straight pins, a cup and a sharpie.

Some of the supplies - straight pins and wreath not pictured
Start by laying the felt out on a flat surface and tracing the cup with the sharpie onto the felt

WARNING - your cup will get ruined so don't use one that you don't want to dedicate to crafting
Trace the whole yard of felt with the circles - yes you will need to do the entire yard.

The only picture I took of the styrofoam wreath without any felt on it yet
When you are all done tracing the circles on the felt, get your scissors and cut out all the circles. Cut inside the lines so that none of the sharpie is visible on your finished circles.

Once all of your circles are cut out, you are ready to start pinning! You will do each circle one at a time {this is a project for when you have time to kill, in case you didn't pick up on that yet}

Start with the circle laying flat 
Fold the circle in half
Fold the circle in half again {it should be folded into "quarters"}
Take a straight pin and stick it near the bottom corner so that all the pin goes through all 4 folds of the circle. Stick it into the styrofoam & repeat like 200 times. 
I started on the left side and worked my way around the top 

Almost done!

I am SO in love with how it turned out, especially since I made a really pretty wreath for less than $10! I  am very proud of myself :) I plan to put a white ribbon at the top and tie it in a bow and hang it on our front door after Christmas until after Valentine's Day. I am also going to make the same type of wreath as our "regular" front door wreath {our non holiday wreath} out of white felt and in a circle shape. That will probably be a project for after Christmas though - we'll see!

I have 2 projects left to finish for Christmas - only 2! And 1 of those is WAY easy - maybe 5 minutes and I would be done, and the other one is nearly done. I can't wait to put up pictures of the things I have made once I give them for Christmas! The first Christmas party where someone will open something I made for them is next Saturday. CAN'T WAIT!!!

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