Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

Yesterday, I volunteered to work to help cover at the Bank since we thought it might be a little crazy. Friday's are usually pretty busy and with it being right before Christmas, it can be super crazy. It worked out great that I went into work, and while I was there Jake ran a few errands {thanks babe - I so appreciate you} and went and bought one of my Christmas presents - a Carhartt coat!

Jake got his Carhartt coat last winter and I have wanted one ever since. I mostly have wanted one because they have hoods and I don't have a coat with a hood. I haven't been able to find anything I like, since most of them are brown or kinda boyish looking and then I was told about the new coat that came out this year by Ashli {I work with her :)} She went to the Carhartt store and bought one a few weeks ago and I have been so jealous ever since, but I couldn't quite justify buying one since they are a little expensive. Well, I think $125 for a coat is kinda pricey. But if it's good quality and will last a long time then it ends up being worth it. And all of the coats I have bought in years past were roughly $30 or $40 bucks each and all ended up not being good quality and I replace them the following year. So I broke down and decided to get the coat.

I bought it on because I found the exact coat I wanted for $99! I didn't feel quite so bad about getting it when I was saving nearly $30! However, the seller had some serious issues and after over a week, they told me they wouldn't be sending it for most likely an additional week and asked if I wanted my money back. I was really bummed but decided to get my money back and just go to the Carhartt store to get my coat. It would be $125 instead of $99 but I wouldn't have to wait. While I was at work, Jake went and got it for me, and ended up getting a 20% discount so it was $106 with tax!!

When I got home from work I brought Cafe Rio with me. I hope they build one of those out in Saratoga Springs. But at the same time, I hope they don't. We would eat there WAY too often if it was any closer. After we finished eating, Jake asked if he could open a present too since I got to open one. I was really confused at first - I haven't opened any presents but then I realized he meant my coat so I agreed to let him open a present too.

The present he chose to open 
Max wanted to see what was inside too 
His face when he realized what it was...  
An Apple TV! 
Opening my coat 
I love it!! 
Afterwards, Jake immediately started to connect the Apple TV to the TV in the living room. We ended up needing to go to Wal Mart to get a new battery for the remote, but it was worth it - he absolutely loves it. Just like a little boy on Christmas.

Jake also brought in a gift from one of our previous neighbors when we lived in Lehi - Garin & Heather Granata. Garin was the Gospel Principles teacher in our ward and Heather works with Jake's mom - she is the owner/creator of Little Adventures. They got me this GORGEOUS picture of the Provo Temple, since that is the temple I received my endowment in. I absolutely LOVE it - I can't wait to hang it up!!

I love Christmas Eve Eve. And I love Christmas Eve. And I love Christmas - tomorrow is Christmas!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

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