Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ashley aka Dog Groomer

Max has been in serious need of a haircut for a few weeks and I just couldn't bring myself to schedule an appointment with his groomer yet.

Before his hair cut
We got his hair cut 3 months ago, so a cut lasts a while but it was $45! That's nearly $200 a year! This past summer, I got the bright idea to cut his hair myself with kitchen scissors. Needless to say, he looked like a blind person had cut his hair and he went to the groomer for an "emergency" cut. Yesterday, I convinced Jake to let me try again, this time with hair clippers, and it worked!! I used Jake's old clippers - the 1/2 inch on the body and 3/8 everywhere else.

Cutting his hair on the ironing board on the back porch - he was such a good dog!
Enjoying his treat afterwards - a huge femur from a pig
There are a few spots I messed up but for the most part his haircut looks good! I am officially hired as Max's new groomer!

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