Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas at Work

This past week Jake & I have had the chance to go to both of our company work parties. There have been a lot of statistics this year saying that not many companies are hosting Christmas parties and we got to go to not 1 but 2! But you know, 79% of statistics are made up ....

Last Friday {December 9th} was the US Synthetic Christmas party.

Jake's work Christmas party was really fun. They had it this year at the McKay Events Center {??} at UVU. We sat with Jake's "crew" - Micah & his wife, Ryan Dumas, Mike & his wife & Kathy and her husband. They always have very fancy food that a local culinary school caters - for like 1600 people! Ok maybe that many didn't show up, but they have 800 employees and the spouses were invited too! It was a lot of people regardless. The food wasn't too bad, but we ended up stopping at Beto's on the way home to get some burritos haha. They also had entertainment - a singer who used a recording thing at his feet so that he was a 1 man band {it was really cool!!} and a comedian/performer from Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. I don't remember either of their names. The comedian asked if there was a juggler in the crowd and Eric Burtom, Cassie's husband, went up and performed on stage! And the best part of the whole night was that I won the center piece!!!

Centerpiece won in 2011
I have won the centerpiece every year so far!! Here are all the other centerpieces I have won on our ledge:

Reindeer was 2010, red tree was 2008, and the glass jar with silver bells was 2009
Then on Wednesday {December 14} we got to go to the Bank of American Fork Pleasant Grove branch Christmas Party! 

Our party was at Brick Oven in Provo. 

So delicious - oh my gosh I hope we go there again! Jake got the leaning tower pizza and I got the chicken al forno pasta bowl - OH DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN! SO gosh dang delicious!! We were in a banquet room so we didn't have other people around us. Jake & I sat at a table with Kathie & her husband John & Michele and her husband Scott. We had a really good time and then we played the white elephant game, but with nice presents haha. We brought a grilling cookbook that Spencer Nelson {Tessa's husband} ended up with, and the movie "Walk the Line" about Johnny Cash that Ashli Davis ended up with. Jake got some SUPER cute headbands that Lori {Creig Rowley's wife} made and I already wore one of them! 

I got Sweet Pea lotion from Bath & Body Works. It was a really fun night, and we got some really fun presents too! 

We are both really grateful to have jobs in this economy, let alone jobs that we like, let alone jobs that are so awesome and fun to work at and that pay so well! US Synthetic & the Bank of American Fork are two of the best companies around if you ask me!! 

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