Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas with the Robbins & the Knowlton's

Last Sunday {December 18} we had two family Christmas parties - the Robbins/McClellan/Oss Christmas party and the Knowlton/Wright/McClellan/Wise Christmas Party!

This year, The Robbins party was at my mom and dad in laws house in Lehi. Everyone was able to come except Jennifer and her husband, but their cute boys were able to come! We had a yummy slow cooked ham with rolls and cheese, funeral potatoes, a veggie tray and salad with cookies & fudge bars & donuts!

Cody, Kathy, Chase, Taylor, Angela, Sarah, Scott & Carson
Kayson, Maddie & Rick
Grandma, Dustin, Mom, Kenna & Cass!
Tyson, Ash, Laura & Travis
My sexy McClellan man
After we were finished with dinner, we had presents and talked for a bit and then Jake & I needed to leave to go to the Knowlton/Wright/McClellan/Wise Christmas Party! I love how long that is - just think how long its going to be once EVERYONE is married! 

We started out the festivities with a turkey dinner prepared by the fabulous chef Mrs. Knowlton herself. Jake & I didn't eat much since we had just ate at the McClellan party but we both had some snickers salad & green bean casserole - my mom makes the BEST green bean casserole in the world. Then we had a Christmas thought that I prepared {very quickly} about how the angel brought glad tidings and great joy when they announced the birth of the Savior and how many of the Christmas carols we sing that are religiously based talk about joy. We sang "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" and read in Luke 2 about when the angels came to the shepherds in the field and then we started to open presents! 

Last year, we started to play the white elephant game with nice presents, and this year we did it again. We read a "Right Left" story and pass the presents until the end of the story and then everyone opens up their gifts! 

Getting ready to start 
Passing presents - it required some serious concentration to hear the "right" and "left" in the story! 

Jeannene got socks & Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Tree's
Popper got a pillow & blanket combination with penguins on it!  
Sarah got a game with dice that has something to do with lumps of coal & a Utah Truffle bar {YUM!}
My excitement over the noise my angry bird makes 
Blake got Miss Congeniality & i Robot {we brought that}
Brynne got coconut shower gel & lotion {we brought that too}
Jake got a Night Before Christmas I Spy book - SO much fun! 
My {Max's} angry bird 
Chris got the lumps of coal game too!
Richard got the Justin Bieber CD!
Lizzy got a pig from Angry Birds & a kisses candy cane 
Matt got a snowman that hugs a blanket - the blanket was WAY soft!
After we were done with the white elephant gift exchange, we left our massive mess of wrapping paper on the floor and went to sit by the tree in the music room to open presents with Brynne & Blake. Blake's brother Brandon {Berd} got home from his mission this summer and this will be their first Christmas in 4 years they will both be in the states since they both went on missions in Japan. As a result, Brynne & Blake will be in Las Vegas on Christmas Day so they got to open their Christmas presents early!

Rick opening his present from Brynne & Blake 
6 different kinds of Oreo's!
Mom opening her present from Brynne & Blake 
The Nativity Scene Creche - the only piece she didn't have. And yes, she cried ;)
Lizzy opened her gift from the Jones {since she wasn't able to go to the gift exchange with them 2 nights before} - some cute blankets! I am of the opinion that you can never have too many blankets
Chris got a Wal Mart gift card from the Jones'
Brynne & Blake opening their first gift from us
:) I like that they were excited. That's the best part about giving gifts!
A "W" and a vinyl wall letting that says "And they all lived happily ever after"
Opening the second gift from us 
One of their engagements in a frame with the lyrics to "Then" surrounding it 
Their excitement over Wackee Six 
Not sure which of them was more excited! 
The book of the Forgotten Carols
I LOVE this picture - Blake LOVES Reese's peanut butter cups and thats what was in the box. He looks so excited and she looks like she is thinking "Ah more candy??"
Excitement over the DVD of Jonah & the whale
Excitement over Tangled on DVD - it's one of their movies
The gorgeous mantle clock they got!
Excitement over the Pampered Chef stone!
Listening intently while being told that they have to give this one back because a new one is on the way to them, but hadn't arrived yet
And a Book of Mormon that is printed to look like the original copy printed when the Church was organized. I have one of these too and they are SO cool! 
After we cleaned up the wrapping mess, we had some cherry black forest cake from the Lionhouse Pantry at Deseret Book - OH to die for. SO yummy. Then we headed home to get Jake a nap before he went into work that night. We let Max out once we got home to go outside and then showed him the Angry Bird - he loves it! 

Sitting waiting for me to throw it 
Playing with his Angry Bird
He has figured out a few times how to squeeze the voice button inside the angry bird so that it "sings" and it confuses him so bad because it isn't a squeaker. I don't know what to call the sound it makes - it makes the noise that angry birds make as they head towards the pigs. When I read this in 10 years I am going to have no idea what that sounds like, but right now I can hear the sound perfectly in my head.

We had a lot of fun at our two pre Christmas parties, and we got some awesome presents between the white elephant gift exchange and our gift from Jake's grandma. Christmas is in 2 days. 2!! YAY!!!

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