Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 Year Anniversary

Jake and I just celebrated 5 years together! I'm big into celebrating stuff like this, especially since it's a "big" milestone so we celebrated over a few days! The Friday before our anniversary, we celebrated by going to the temple with Brynne & Blake to do sealings. We went to Timp and it was so great! My mom watched our little Kayc while we were gone!

Jake and I went to a viewing afterwards and then went to dinner at Chili's.  The next day, Jake woke up and went and helped his parents with their driveway renovation they are doing.  After he was done, we went and got some lunch and went and saw Brynne's Kindergarden classroom. Her first day of her first year was yesterday. She and Blake have worked SOOOO hard to make it a super adorable "Oh the Places You'll Go" theme and they did everything from tracing with a projector. It was SO much fun to get to see it! We had Kayc sit in the little chairs and read her some books in the little reading corner.

After lunch and seeing Brynne's classroom, Brynne and Blake took Kaycee back to our house and Jake and I drove up to Snowbird to ride the Mountain Coaster.  Because it was the first weekend of Oktoberfest, we were worried there would be a lot of people up there but it wasn't bad at all! We had so much fun riding it together and then after we walked around for a bit, we drove home the scenic route and stopped in Draper for pizza at one of our favorite "locals" pizza places NYPD Pizza. Jake and I both love going to local places instead of big chains when we can and they have amazing pizza!!

Driving up to Snowbird

We hung out with Brynne and Blake a little bit that night once we got home and then they left and we went to bed.  The next day, our actual anniversary, we spent the day together and BBQ'd for dinner since it was Sunday. Jake got me some beautiful lilies and an adorable card - exactly what I had wanted.

Few days later after they opened up a little bit more
I/we got Jake a quadcopter that he's been wanting for a a VERY long time. He was like a little kid on Christmas morning when we picked it up. He comes home from work and plays with it nearly everyday!

I'm grateful for the 5 years we've had together and for all of the hard things we've been through that have helped strengthen us. I still feel like he's my best friend and wouldn't trade him or the situations we've been through for anything. 

Especially this little one - so grateful that after enjoying some alone time in our marriage, we were able to start our family and celebrate our 5th anniversary as our 1st anniversary as parents.

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