Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kaycee's 1st BYU Football Game {BYU vs Connecticut}

Yesterday was Kaycee's 1st BYU game! I dressed her for the day in some of her "normal" clothes but made sure to put her cute pink headband on!

After she woke up from her 2nd nap, it was nearly kick off and time to get dressed in her game time outfit! My mom got her a super cute BYU cheerleader uniform and I've been dying to put it on her! And then we had to take some pictures with mom and dad of course! 

She did pretty good and just watched the screen {she doesn't watch TV very often so when she gets the chance she is fascinated by it} until she started getting tired so we put her down for a short 3rd nap while we ate homemade pizza calzones {thank you Pinterest!}.  We woke her up in the 3rd quarter and she contently watched the rest of the game with us. She looked at me funny when I'd clap my hands or get excited but there wasn't any crying from my sudden loudness haha! She even let me lead her in the Cougar fight song and do the arm motions for the end, and she laughed when I helped her arms do the "storm trooper" after our defense made a big stop. We won 35-10! Hurray for introducing our cute cheerleader into the crazy fanaticism of BYU Football!

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