Monday, August 11, 2014

Kaycee's 6 Month Visit

Kaycee had her 6 month visit last month and is doing great! She weighs 16 lbs, 8 ounces {54%}, is 26.2 inches tall {52%} and her head is 43.3 cm {74%}. She's following all 3 curves perfectly and her doctor is very happy about that! 

At her 4 month check up, her doctor had told us that she was looking like she developmentally delayed. Honestly, it's one of the scariest things I've heard a doctor say. It kept me up at night and my stress level like sky rocketed. She hadn't rolled over yet at 4 months and couldn't put any weight on her legs when she'd practice standing.  Well, turns out she isn't developmentally delayed - she's parentally delayed. 

She hates tummy time, and I hate making her cry, so we just never did tummy time. Explains why she couldn't roll over. And I didn't know she needed to be practicing standing, so we never practiced. We practice every single day now and she is doing AMAZING at it. She can stand straight now, where she was completely bent at a 90 degree angle at 4 months.  She only needs a little bit of hand support from us, she can't stand quite on her own yet while holding onto something other then a person. Rolling over is going much better too, she hasn't figured out how to roll super fast but she can get off her tummy if you give her long enough. Her arms get in the way and she can't roll because she hasn't figure out to move her arms out of the way. 

I'm super happy that she's doing so much better and that it ended up just being our fault that she was behind. Now that we know to be practicing, she's picking up on it SUPER fast and is a quick learner! So proud of our peanut.

Wait, I have to get HOW many shots?!
So proud of how well she's growing!

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