Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sarah comes home!

Last weekend my step-sister Sarah came home from her mission! She was serving in Spokane, WA. Brynne and I made some signs for her and then we all headed up the airport to greet her off the plane!

Popper & Dayton modeling the sign Brynne made. I think it turned out AWESOME! 
Lizzy, Joey and a friend of Sarah's from her mission modeling the sign I made. We had everyone sign it! 
Brynne and Kaycee waiting so patiently for Sarah to get off the plane
There she is! 
Mass hugs! 
Hugging Rick, my stepdad 
Hugging my mom 
Hugging Brynne and meeting Kaycee 
All of Sarah's sisters. She has 1 sister, 3 half sisters and 4 step sisters. 
Lizzy was the first to greet her - she nearly ran up the escalator to hug her! The only other missionary experience I have was when my brother in law Clint came home so it was really fun getting to enjoy the experience again. No one else in my family has ever brought home a missionary so Jake and I were the "experts" on where to stand and what to expect and stuff.

After we took pictures, we drove back to Eagle Mountain and she was released by our Stake President at our Stake Center. We had a big dinner for her the next night with yummy BBQ and hearing her tell some of her favorite missionary stories. She started school yesterday at UVU so she jumped RIGHT back into "regular" life. Her homecoming talk is at the end of September so be looking for another blog post!

Welcome home Sarah, we couldn't be more proud of you and your example!

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