Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kaycee's 1st Football Game

Last weekend we took Kaycee to her first sporting event. Of course, it had to be a football game! I've always been adamant I didn't want to take little kids to sporting events because they're expensive and if we have to leave everyone ends up upset and stressed because we wasted money. Well, not if it's a local high school game! My sister is a cheerleader for West Lake High School so we HAD to go support her plus we get to watch a football game!

My mom got Kaycee this adorable onesie when I was pregnant and it fits her GREAT now! Because we've been experiencing some wet weather, we made sure to bundle her up good, hence her cute hat!

Love that ruffle bum so dang much!
We got to the game and it was POURING so we decided to wait in the car until right before the game started. Brynne came and sat in our car with us and we ended up in the car waiting for over an hour because of lightning delays. Kaycee did so good waiting in the car!

An hour later then expected, we finally got to go in and they started the game! 

Bundled baby in the Bjorn

There was lightning strikes again a few minutes into the game so after 10 plays they canceled the game until the next day. We were bummed but it ended up being free and Kaycee did AWESOME so it was a super great experience! Can't wait to try taking her to a longer game! 

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