Friday, March 15, 2013

A new habit

This past Tuesday, I woke up and went downstairs to work out and couldn't get my DVD player to work - after 20 minutes of trying. I was SUPER frustrated, and rather than finding another workout to do, I just didn't work out. I came upstairs and decided I would just go to work a little early since I had some spare time from not working out. And then, I got this feeling I should read my scriptures with that extra time.

I haven't been so stellar at reading my scriptures, to say the least. Like I can't remember the last time I read them when it wasn't during Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. And that has nothing to do with not wanting to, or not remembering. I remember every single night before I go to bed, but usually Jake is still sleeping {it's right before he wakes up to go to work} and I don't want to turn the light on, and I'm too lazy to go in another room and read, and I hate reading them on my phone, so I just don't read them at all. And that's been going on for MONTHS. The other day, I was trying to find a time to read them when I wouldn't have to fight that problem but came to no conclusion that would work. So when I got this feeling to read them in the morning with my extra time, I was kind of excited that at least one day I would get them read.

So I made my breakfast and sat down at the table to read. Oh my gosh. I usually eat standing up while I pack my lunch. So getting to sit down was amazing. So relaxing and so nice. I should do that more often haha! And I got really into my scriptures. I am in Alma right now, one of my very favorite parts of the Book of Mormon. After what felt like a few minutes of reading, I looked up to realize I had been reading for half hour. 30 minutes! That has NEVER happened to me before! I read a quick chapter of the book Brynne got me for my birthday "Happy Like Jesus" and then threw my dishes in the dishwasher and hurried to get ready for work. And all day long, I just felt different. I felt awesome. And I knew, all day long, that I had already got my reading done. I had the Spirit with me. It was AWESOME! So I decided to incorporate it into my morning routine.

So rather than waking up earlier to make time, I started making my lunch the night before so that I can spend THAT time in the mornings reading. It has worked awesome so far! Yesterday, I was just having a weird morning and ran out of time - super bad planning apparently - so I went for a walk with Max last night and listened to the audio of the Book of Mormon as we walked 3 miles. Can I get a Drop of Awesome?!

This is what my mornings look like - my book, my scriptures, 2 pieces of toast {1 with honey} and 5 scrambled egg whites with salsa. I have a piece of fruit too, it just wasn't in this picture
I am very proud of myself that I have found the time to read my scriptures. When it comes to workouts, you have to schedule them - you don't find time, you make time. The same is true with scripture reading. I have been thinking I would find the time, and then I was surprised when I didn't. You have to make the time. And I have found a time that works for me. In the morning, before anything else can interrupt me. Just like my workouts. Loving this new habit!!

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