Thursday, March 28, 2013

Breaking Dawn Night

Jake is working a 12 hour shift tonight to make up for a half night he took earlier this week. That means that I pulled into the garage from work, he met me at the door, kissed me and got in the car to go to his work. So no dinner together, no time together. Joys of adulthood.

And nights when Jake isn't here are when I usually struggle the most. Well not tonight!

I got me some "comfort" dinner - air pop popcorn and my 150 calorie ice cream and I'm good to go! I curled up on the couch with my book and a spoon and popcorny goodness and I feel content. And dinner was less than 300 calories. I stayed in my calories today, which is REALLY awesome since I was RAVENOUS earlier at work and would have eaten an entire pizza if it had been in front of me. I settled for an apple and some goldfish. Tracked it in my phone too. It made me actually taste the food instead of inhaling it. That's a good thing haha.

My idea of a good night!
He was laying all over my book - he likes getting LOTS of attention when I am sitting on the couch or in bed
I had every intention of finishing Breaking Dawn tonight. I was around page 175 when I left work, and there's around 750 pages in the whole book. I'm coming up on page 400 and tapping out - I am just too tired. And it's barely 9 PM. I'm a whimp!! Night in, house to myself, and I'm reading a book and going to bed early. I'm kinda proud of that in a weird way - I like that I enjoy reading so much. That I'd rather do that then watch TV. Hopefully I make some good progress on my book tomorrow :)

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