Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Totally saw this coming...

So last year, I went to Girls Camp with my sisters - you can read about that here. And when I left camp, I kept thinking over and over again - "I want to be put in Young Women's so that I can go to camp!!" 2 ish months later, I got called to the be the Relief Society Secretary in my ward. I was incredibly surprised - I feel like I am still too "young" to be in that serious of a calling, mainly because I don't have kids. But I was called and I really enjoyed serving in that calling. Yes, enjoyED. Past tense. I was released on Sunday.

Like I said, I was the secretary. I served with Shannon Sotelo as President, Angie Woodward as 1st Counselor for a while and then Jaelyn Lovell, and with Betsey Richardson as 2nd Counselor. Seriously, AMAZING women. I feel so intimidated everytime I am with ANY of them because of how amazing they all are. I am so grateful I got to work with all of them - I know that it has helped me build really strong, lasting relationships with each of them and I consider them all friends now.

About 3 weeks ago, Shannon let us know she was moving. We were all way bummed - with the president moving, the whole presidency would be changing. But at the same time, she had been in for almost 3 years, so we had been thinking she might be released soon anyway. Still, hearing that Shannon was moving and that it was FOR SURE going to be changing was kinda sad.

But at the same time, about a week before hand, I had this really strong feeling that I was going to get called to Young Women's. The 1st Counselor {Era Lindsay} was moving to Vegas and I just kinda kept thinking that maybe I would be called there. But I had only been in Relief Society for like 6 months - there was no way I would get removed already. And then I heard that Shannon was moving. And I just kinda knew - I was going to be put in Young Women's.

But I couldn't exactly post that on the blog - just in case I was wrong. And because Shannon moving was kind of a secret at first. So I told a few people, so that I had "witnesses" that I knew it was coming. I kinda knew that I was going to get called to Relief Society but I didn't tell anyone and then when I was called it sounded super lame when I said I knew it was coming. This time around, I made sure to tell a few people. I mentioned it to Jake, and I mentioned it to Betsey, who had previously been in Young Womens before she got called to be in the Relief Society Presidency.

And then nothing happened for a few weeks. And then last Sunday {February 24}, Shannon told us that they were pretty sure they had sold their house and would be moving within a month. Before, we had been thinking we had a few months since they are building a new house. Yeah, not so much - the change was coming FAST. Then Shannon found out that none of her counselors {me, Jaelyn or Betsey} were the new Relief Society President but that we might all still be called as Counselors. And I kept thinking "No - I don't want to be a counselor - I want to be in Young Women's" and then would immediately argue with myself that I would serve wherever the Lord asked me to.

And then the doubts started creeping in - why on earth would I think that I would be good in Young Women's? I wasn't exactly the best teenager. I don't have kids - I can't relate to these girls on a motherly level. So then I started trying to get used to the idea of staying in Relief Society, potentially as the secretary, under a new President. And I just couldn't shake the feeling that wouldn't be where I ended up. But I kept praying that no matter what, I would be willing to serve in the calling I got.

And by Saturday, I hadn't heard anything from the Bishopric. And Shannon text us all to say they were announcing the new presidency on Sunday. So that must mean I am not in the new presidency right? But why didn't they call to say I had been released? Betsey, Jaelyn & I text each other at least once a day to see if anyone else had heard anything and nope - none of us had been called to come meet with the Bishop, either about being released or about being in the new presidency or anything. So I started to feel "relieved" - maybe I wouldn't be in the new presidency after all.

And don't take that wrong - I loved being in the presidency! But it was a lot more work than I thought it would be - mainly in the naive department. I live in a little bubble, thinking that because Joe & Suzie Q drive super nice cars and have a big house, their life is perfect and rainbows and butterflies and that they have no problems whatsoever and this calling made me wake up real quick to the needs of the women in our ward - financially, spiritually, physically & mentally. I learned things that stressed me out. I was ALWAYS depressed after Presidency meetings. ALWAYS. So the thought of not being in the new presidency did feel like a relief - I wouldn't have to carry that burden anymore.

And then my phone rang Saturday night. And the caller ID said it was Jason Cann. He's our home teacher {absolutely LOVE him - he has been a HUGE part of getting Jake active again} but he is also the Executive Secretary. And I was panicking - they CAN'T call me to be in the new presidency! I almost didn't answer the phone, but I caved last second and guess what - a member of the Bishopric wants to meet with me the following morning right before church to discuss a calling.

I told him I'd be there and then looked at Jake and was seriously trying not to freak out. I text Jaelyn {since Betsey was up at her family cabin and didn't have service} and asked if Jason had called her to set up an appointment. Nope. I felt bad at that point - Jaelyn left her calling as the primary chorister to come be in the presidency with us 2 months ago. She LOVED her last calling, but was willing to leave for this exciting new one, and then 2 months later is being released. I felt so bad for her, but at the same time was thinking "I could've sworn it would be Young Women's". But why didn't they at least tell her she was being released - she hadn't heard ANYTHING yet. I prayed HARD that night that I would be willing to accept whatever they called me as. And I mean HARD. And then I woke up and said the same prayer. Please just let me be grateful for whatever they call me as. Help me be excited. Help me want to fulfill my calling.

I got ready for church and drove over for my interview, running a few minutes late. I walked over to the Bishops office and Brother Bascom {the 1st Counselor} told me that we'd run in one of the side rooms. Bishop James was just coming out of his office, so he offered to let us go in there real fast. So we go in Bishop's office and Brother Bascom started out by thanking me for the service I have offered in my current calling and let me know that I was being released. No surprise there. And then he told me that the Bishopric had prayed about my new calling for a while and felt it was right and extended the call for me to be the 1st Counselor in the Young Women's Presidency. BAM!! I TOTALLY CALLED THAT!!!!

I started crying. Because I was in shock that I had seen it coming. Because I was annoyed at myself for doubting the impression I got. But mostly because I was SO excited for this new calling! And I accepted. And then Sacrament Meeting started. Jake passed me a note to ask what it was and he was pretty surprised too - I really had called it. And we were both going to be working with the youth {Jake is the Young Men's Secretary}. So they get to the part of the meeting where they announce releasings and callings. And they released me and Era. Nobody else. The Relief Society Presidency didn't change - yet. But I got called as the 1st Counselor so that part was official!

After Sacrament Meeting, a few people came up and told me how awesome they thought I was going to do in that calling. And when I had been thinking the last few weeks I would get this calling, I thought the same thing. But as soon as I got called, the doubts came back. Gotta love how Satan works like that right?! And then I saw the Young Women's President Georgina Pitcher in the hall and I got this huge smile and she was like "oh I hope you're half as excited as me!" and I was like "oh I bet I'm WAY more excited - I am SO excited!!". Throughout our conversation in the hallway and then later in the evening when she came to go over some stuff with me, she told me how she had submitted my name a few months ago and that the Bishopric told her no. And then she found out Era was moving, and she started praying for a name. On the February fast Sunday, she was fasting to find a new counselor and I bore my testimony that day and she said she just knew - she knew that I was supposed to be the new counselor. So she told the Bishop that I was who she wanted and they told her that I could be the new counselor, but they needed to wait until it was closer to changing the Relief Society Presidency so that there wouldn't be a time without a secretary, and there wouldn't be a new one called for 3 weeks and then released again.

I was shocked - I had felt like I should bear my testimony that day, but after I was walking back to my seat I felt so lame - why the heck did I feel like I should bear my testimony today? I didn't have an earth shattering story. I just talked about the song "Love at home" and how "mine is a home where every hour is filled by the strength of Priesthood power" now since Jake had received the Melchezidek Priesthood the week before. But apparently I needed to bear my testimony so that Georgina would get that strong feeling that I was the new counselor. Amazing how things work out right?! Tonight is my first activity and it's combined with the Young Men so Jake will be there too. I AM SO EXCITED TO GO!!! AHHH SOOOOO excited for my new calling!!!!

Just because things change, I wanted to post who I am serving with - Georgina Pitcher is the President with Jenny Wall as the Laurel Advisor, I am the 1st Counselor with Tiffany Barth {my next door neighbor!! I am so excited to get to know her better!!} as the Mia Maid Advisor, Janaca Cann is the 2nd Counselor with Tammy Trainor as the Beehive Advisor and Holly Rose is the Secretary. Melissa George is our camp director. I already got the dates off for Girls Camp & Youth Conference - I am so excited!!!

And the BEST part is that after our meetings, I was set apart by Brother Wall, the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric AND JAKE! JAKE HELPED SET ME APART!!!!! I GOT TO FEEL MY HUSBAND'S HANDS ON MY HEAD AS HE USED THE PRIESTHOOD!!!!!!!!! That was an AMAZING experience. Seriously. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it. I am SO proud of my amazing husband and how much he has changed and how hard he is working to go to the temple! He has an interview with the Bishop this Sunday - hopefully that means we will be setting a sealing date soon!!!

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  1. Hey Ashley!! Funny story how I came across your blog that I'll have to tell you about next time I see ya. Hope you don't mind if I follow it! You are such an amazing journalist and great at all the details. That's incredible that you were inspired to know you were going to be in YW!! I am so excited to work with you and get to know you better. :)