Monday, March 18, 2013

Motivational Monday: The Worst Allergy Ever & Breaking Up

So I keep finding out more people read my blog and it's making me nervous for these weigh in posts haha. But at the same time, it's really helping to establish that layer of accountability. And yet, neither of those helped me this weekend. On Saturday, I had every intention of tracking everything I ate. I wanted some chocolate, so I got an Almond Joy & a Snickers Peanut Butter bar at Target and tracked them. Ate a Clif bar and tracked it. And then dinner came and I just decided I didn't care anymore {I was WAY over on my calories} so I binged. Bad. Like had a stomach ache the next day bad. Which is a good thing - my body is SO used to eating clean foods that eating junk confuses it. That's a good thing - I am grateful for that. And Sunday, I had every intention of getting back on track and ending up splurging WAY bad for dinner. Bad news. So today is day 1 of no binging. Lame that it isn't day 9.

I started reading "Eat Clean Diet" again last night. I felt so sick and wanted to read something to help me not want to binge anymore and I picked the right book. I totally love that book. If you haven't read it, I recommend it. In reading it, I realized that I am not eating anywhere near as clean as I thought I was. During the week, I was thinking I was just about perfect and I'm not. Quite a few vegetables I eat are considered "starchy" and you should only eat 2-4 servings of starchy's a day. I am doing like 9. Ok slight dramatization but still - I am totally missing that one. So time to start eating different veggies. For examples, carrots are starchy. Peapods are starchy. Whoops.

And I am eating WAY too much dairy. I have known for a few years that when I eat too much dairy I get back stomach pains and other fun issues, so I try to be careful about how much I eat. Dairy can have lots of protein in it though - cottage cheese & greek yogurt specifically. But I was eating close to 5 servings a day somedays. Yeah that isn't good. That kinda explains the random stomach aches I have been having. And that can lead to bloating, which might explain why I have wanted to break my stupid scale everyday this week.

It is just not moving. And when I screw up on the weekends, that's totally understandable. But when I bust tail for days in a row and eat perfect and sweat like a pig and then nothing happens on the scale, it is the most frustrating thing in the universe. My clothes fit great, but it all doesn't matter if the scale doesn't say what I want it to. So the scale and I are breaking up. It's official - took the battery out this morning so that I could use it for my food scale {SO convenient that they take the same type of battery! Saved me a trip to Wal Mart}. I'm strictly gauging it off of my clothes. I have been able to wear my size 30 Lucky Jeans - they button and don't have a muffin top {too bad} but they are still a smidge snug. I want to wear 29's comfortably - so that's how I am going to measure how I am doing on my goals. I know that I am building muscle. When I started working out, I knew that I wanted the scale to move, but more than anything I wanted to be a smaller pant size. I wanted to buy clothes at any clothing store, not just plus size stores. I wanted to have my husband be able to pick me up. And I have accomplished all of those things. I am smaller than I have EVER been. And every single flippin time I see that scale, I feel like a failure because the scale isn't moving. And I'm done with the scale deciding if I am proud of myself or not. Because I can be proud of myself and look great and have tons of muscle and have the scale still show a high number. So scale and I are done. And it feels AWESOME.

Ok so remember when I was blogging about our family pictures and I had super puffy eyes that morning? Well for the past few weeks it's been keeping up and I have had pretty red bags under my eyes and my skin has been SO itchy. I mentioned it to the girls I work with and someone suggested it might be a food allergy. So I looked it up and that can be a sympton of a nut allergy. So I decided to not eat any nuts or nut butters for about a month and see what happens. So on Saturday when I had that Almond Joy & Snickers, I immediately noticed that I got itchy eyes and my neck got SUPER itchy. About an hour later, my eyes were puffy. So unless I am allergic to chocolate, it looks like I am allergic to nuts. This week, I am going to have some chocolate without nuts and see how that goes. But I am pretty sure I am allergic to nuts. Which is the only way I will be able to cure my peanut butter addiction haha. So yep, unless I want puffy eyes and itchy skin, no more nuts or nut butters for me. Sad day!!

Well sorry there's no pictures this week - I'll take pictures of my food this week and show that, since I am eating different stuff now that I am taking out a lot of dairy and incorporating different vegetables.

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