Friday, March 29, 2013

I {FINALLY} get a sister-in-law

So Clint proposed to Macy on Wednesday {March 27th}. He wanted as many family members there as possible, so Jake, Dustin & I went down to the high school to watch! Mom & Dad McClellan would have too but they are still in St George. We met up with Dustin at Lehi High right before Ashley & Colton got there {Macy's sister & brother in law} and we waited in the gym for Clint to run over.

Clint & Macy were at Institute, which is in the seminary building at Lehi. So he "went to the bathroom" and ran along the back of the school to the gym doors and came in to tell us the plan. He was going to leave the ring underneath the bleacher, with an open pop tart on top to mark the spot where the ring is, and propose. He wanted us to record it & take pictures but he wanted us to hide so that she didn't see it coming. Institude would be over around 8:20, and he would try to text us to let us know he was coming by saying something about his interview he had that day at the Bank {he applied for a teller position at the Bank of AF! I hope he gets it - then him, Colton & me will all work at the bank together!}.

Pop tart on top of the bleacher, with the ring in the box underneath the bleacher
Jake setting up the Go Pro. When we got his new one, it came with an app so that he can tell it to start recording from his phone instead of having to push the button and then run to hide.
The door that was propped open so that they could come inside
The other side of the gym where we hid - Dustin is sitting on the stairs, Ash & Colton are sitting on the seat. We hid up behind the bleachers on the top floor
So we are all talking upstairs, so that we can run underneath the bleachers when needed, when Macy's parents got to the gym. It was fun getting to talk to them and hear about the wedding plans that have already started! Colton was outside waiting for them to come by so that he could warn us when they were coming. Colton called & and we all ran underneath the bleachers and were trying not to giggle and ruin it. AND THEN THIS KID CAME WALKING IN FROM THE INSIDE OF THE SCHOOL!
This kid just walking through the gym with a Big Gulp
We were all yelling "GET OUT! An engagement is about to happen!" from inside the bleachers, and this kid is looking around like "where on earth are those voices coming from??" He walked up the stairs on the other side of the gym, around behind the bleachers, and then down the stairs and out the door he came in. We all yelled "Thank you!!" just as he walked out. And then 2 seconds later, Macy & Clint walked in.

I was trying so hard not to make any noise haha
They walked along the gym and turned the lights on
And then started dancing to some music that randomly started playing as they walked in the gym. Perfect timing!!
And then he got down on 1 knee... She covered his eyes at first...
But then uncovered them and said yes!
And he put the ring on her finger :)
We all waited, really quiet, and then decided when we thought they were done to start clapping & cheering - it was SUPER loud haha. We must have vibrated off the walls or the gym has really good sound or something. We came down to give some hugs. Dustin called Mom McClellan and gave the phone to Clint, who talked to her for a split second and then handed the phone to Macy. They talked for a few minutes and then we all talked :)

Talking to Mom & Dad McClellan
The newly engaged couple!!
Another cute picture of them :)
The wedding is June 22 - a little less than 3 months away. They have reserved the Mt Timpanogos Temple for their sealing, and they are having their reception at the amphitheater across the street. I am so excited to FINALLY have a sister-in-law!! Dustin was married when Jake & I got married, but we all kinda knew that the divorce was coming, so it never felt like I had a sister-in-law. And Macy has only sisters, just like me! Yay for a new sister-in-law!!!

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