Friday, March 29, 2013

When at Kohl's...

A few weeks ago, we were over at my good friend Jaelyn's house and we noticed she has a Dyson vacuum. We asked her how she liked it - if she felt like it was worth the money and she firmly agreed that it was. And she isn't the first friend I have had say they were worth it, but I really trust her opinion so we decided to get one. This past Monday, Jake & I stopped at Kohl's to look and ended up walking out with a new vacuum! The most expensive one, might I add haha. But we got almost $300 off for opening a Kohl's charge card {which we immediately paid off - one of my goals is to still be debt free at the end of 2013} & because it was on sale. And we got $90 in Kohl's cash so next week we are using THAT to go buy a new steam mop!

Jake took it home and set it all up and then vacuumed the floor. We aren't big vacuumers, I'll admit, but STILL - it should NOT have picked that much stuff off the floor! Seriously, SO sick. He vacuumed the front room and the hallways and the stairs that lead to our bonus room above the garage.

After we got home from Clint & Macy's proposal on Wednesday, I started doing laundry and since I was already in a cleaning kick I decided to vacuum our bedroom with the new Dyson. Like I said, we aren't huge vacuumers - it's been probably a month since I vacuumed our room. But Max doesn't shed, and we don't really wear shoes in our room, so I wasn't thinking it would be that bad. WRONG. Our bedroom alone filled up the entire canister. THE ENTIRE CANISTER!!!

I was mortified!
Seriously, very gross. But it's a good thing the vacuum works so well! And the carpets all still have nice vacuum lines in them. I used it in our bathroom too and it worked AWESOME on the hair in there. And the filter didn't get clogged up AT ALL. And when I went to empty the canister, the hair all just fell out - normally I have to dig my hand in there to clean it all out. This vacuum is AWESOME - I love it!! SO worth the investment!!

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