Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Team Jacob

So Breaking Dawn: Part 2 just came out on DVD and I gotta admit - it looks really good. I wanna see it. And I haven't wanted to see ANY of the movies. Jake took me to see Twilight when we were dating, as a surprise. Yeah brownie points for sure. I was so disappointed. And I thought Jake was gonna die haha. So when New Moon came out, I decided to wait for Redbox. Until my dad said he wanted to see it for his Father's Day gift {yeah, my dad LOVES Twilight. Like A LOT} so we all went to see New Moon in dollar theaters. Again, Jake about died. I thought it was better than Twilight, but still didn't love it. But I didn't love the book either. And then Eclipse came out, and I decided to just skip it all together until it was on TV one night on HBO so I just watched it and I was kinda surprised - it was pretty good. But I was determined not to see either of the Breaking Dawn movies. Just for principle sake. But the other day, I saw a commercial for the newest one and I caved - I really want to see them.

So I came in and was talking to Lindsey about it and she was all for having a girls night and watching them together. I decided I wanted to re read them first though, so I could be super refreshed on what happens in each of the books. I started Twilight, and it took me probably 3 days to read it. I came home from work last Thursday {the day I finished Twilight} and started New Moon on the couch. And finished New Moon, on the couch. Went to bed around 2 AM. And that was AFTER I had read another 50 pages of Eclipse. I just finished Eclipse this morning {I would have finished it last night - I only had 9 pages left but I had Young Women's and forgot about it until this morning at breakfast}. I have Breaking Dawn next to me, at my desk as we speak, and I am SO excited to read it.

It makes a difference re-reading these books knowing what happens. I can focus on the story, rather than being super worried whether or not she will end up with Edward. When I read the books the first time, I was SO pro Edward. The movies ruined that for me though - I love Jacob. And it helps that I have my own Jacob at home that rides motorcycles & 4 wheelers :)

I am hoping to be done with Breaking Dawn by this Friday so that Lindsey and I can start our movie marathon this weekend, since Jake is working overtime this Friday and I will be home alone. I'll keep you posted on how that goes!!

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