Friday, November 18, 2011

Becoming Wise

My little sister Brynnie, who was previously known as "H" and was 5 years old just 10 minutes ago, is officially married!!!!! YAY FOR BLAKE & BRYNNE!!!

Jeannene leading a blind-folded Blake to see Brynne in her wedding dress for the first time

Waiting to turn around

His jaw could have hit the floor haha!!

The reception was in the ballroom of the Provo Library on University Parkway

Their gift table

Karras, the gorgeous gift collector :) 

The sign in book table

My dad, Rick & mom in the line

The cuties :) 

Brynne & Blake with Blake's parents, Bill & Susan

Some of the flowers - Susan did an amazing job on the flowers. Pictures don't do justice!

My mom's bestest friend from high school and our adopted "Aunt" Erika designed this whole idea - we took pictures of Brynne & Blake as they grew up, and attached them to orange and purple scrapbook paper, then attached them to a cotton clothes line with clothes pins - it turned out SO cute! 

Some of the siblings - missing Brynne, Matt & Jeannene (Chris is hiding)

They served a cookie buffet - complete with 6 different kinds of cookies!

Emily & Jordan - the "Pazooki" makers! (Take warm cookie, add ice cream, cover with hot fudge & enjoy!)

Centerpiece on the cookie table - their monogram was custom designed by our fabulous "Aunt" Erika!!

Their "Thank You" gift was a booklet (designed by yours truly) with the different cookie recipes used for their desserts

Charlotte Ducos, one of our FABULOUS helpers!! 

Her gorgeous daughter Katie

Cousins Eliza, Wesley & Amy :) 

Their cute mail box (like the one on Up!) where you could write words of advice

Father/Daughter & Mother/Son dance

First dance :) 

Brynne's car - Almost Married!! 

Sending the couple off - we all released balloons into the sky

After they left in their separate cars, we all went back inside and began the clean up. Because there were so many large items involved and the ballroom was on the 3rd floor, it took a while but we had LOTS of helpers so it turned out great. Afterwards, we all went home to get some sleep for the wedding the next morning!! 

I woke up pretty early and headed straight to my mom's house to get ready with my sisters. Popper was the first one I successfully woke up (Brynne & Jeannene were up but had already left for her hair appointment). 

We were sleepy...

But so happy for Brynne & Blake!!

Liz, Sarah, Brynne & Jeannene getting ready

Liz curling her eyelashes

Me and the gorgeous bride

Popper straightening Richard's hair!

Chris still sleeping... 

Excited mom!!

The beautiful Oquirrh Mountain Temple (Jake took this - isn't he AMAZING?!?)

The mothers opening the doors for the newlyweds!

Introducing Mr & Mrs Blake Wise!!!

Me and my gorgeous mother huddling - it was freezing and we both forgot coats!

After we took the big group pictures, family pictures, bridesmaids and groomsmen pictures, etc., everyone left for the luncheon to warm up except me and the cute couple and their amazing photographer Stephanie Sunderland. Brynne was the "helper" for my wedding pictures, so I wanted to get to stay for theirs! 

She had the most beautiful "mermaid" style wedding dress - she looked absolutely stunning!

Looking to Angel Moroni 

The "dip"

When we were all finished with pictures, we went to the LDS chapel just south west of the Oquirrh Temple. We had a divine catered lunch there (thank you Wise's!). Of course, there was MORE beautiful flowers! 

Brynne & Blake talking to the group - they stalled for about an hour because we were running a little too on time - the car picking them up wasn't scheduled until around 1:30! 

The cute car that picked them up! The back window said "Just Married". 

We saw them off by blowing bubbles, and then they left for Hawaii!! It was pretty stressful there for a few days, but when it was all said and done it was so worth it. The receptions were both beautiful and the temple sealing was amazing (yes, I got to be there - my first sealing I have ever been able to see!). I am so happy for them both and love them so much. Yay for Brynne & Blake!! 


  1. I officially LOVE the whole blogging idea that you do. :) I am SOO excited for Brynne and Blake, but i'm SOO glad it's over. :P Thank you for putting these up!

  2. congrats on getting to see your sister get married! that is so exciting!