Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 2

2 days ago was Thanksgiving with Jake's family, so that made it our second Thanksgiving this year. Kenzie & Emrie flew into town from Arizona on Wednesday night and got to join us for the festivities! Yay!! This is our 4th Thanksgiving together, but my first year making a turkey! Jake asked me to make a turkey specifically for turkey sandwiches, so I decided to give it a try since no one else would know if it was an epic failure! We bought the turkey breast on Wednesday and started marinating it in the crock pot on Wednesday night. We both were a little disgusted while we were digging the turkey's guts out.

Jake was trying not to be too grossed out
I couldn't hide it - I was disgusted! 
We got the turkey all set up in the fridge and went to bed. I woke up the next morning (Turkey Day!) and put the crock pot on the warmer and started the timer. I also made the one assignment we had for Thanksgiving - a Jello Salad. I found a delicious recipe from the cookbook used as my kitchen bible and was so excited to head over to the in laws for Thanksgiving. THEN my Jello Salad decided not to set. So we ran to Smith's, got a Raspberry Parfait salad and headed over to get our grub on!! 

Our Thanksgiving Feast!! It was delicious - thanks mom & dad McClellan!
Awesome In Laws
Cute Kenzie (she is SO smart - she was reading to us!)
Dustin & adorable Emrie
The best husband ever!
#1 thing I am grateful for - my sexy husband
After we finished with dinner and dishes, Kenzie, Emrie & I played some board games and played games on the Wii while Dustin & Jake played Call of Duty 3 and mom & dad rested on the couch. When everyone had made some room in their tummies, we had pie! There were 5 different kinds of pie. Yes, 5. Pecan, pumpkin, banana, cocunut & chocolate! Once THAT had digested, we loaded in to the cars and went to the Cinemark in American Fork to go see Happy Feet Two.

Adorable movie - highly recommend it!
When we got back from the movie, we said goodbye to everyone and then headed back to our house. We opened the door from the garage into the house and were nearly knocked on our butts with the smell of slow roasted turkey - I seriously out did myself. It smelt AMAZING! After we took Max outside, Jake started to cut apart his turkey so that he could put in into a container and we could dispose of the carcass (that is so sick haha). The meat fell right off the bone - I was so surprised that it turned out so well, and it was my first turkey! Jake has already had 2 turkey sandwiches and keeps saying how yummy it is. Good job me :)

Our finished turkey!
To make our turkey (just so that I remember for next year haha):
- Place thawed turkey (cleaned & dryed) in the crock pot, with 1 can turkey or chicken broth
- Rub butter under skin and over top of skin lightly
- Sprinkle with lemon pepper, salt, pepper & a hint of paprika 
- Cover the crock pot with one sheet of tin foil (to help lock in moisture) and set crock pot timer to cook on low for 8 hours!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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