Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vegas baby!!

The wedding festivities have begun for Brynne and Blake! We went to Vegas this past weekend for their first reception and it was quite an adventure!!

We left Friday night around 5:00 Utah time with Brynne, Jeannene and Lauryl. It was the first road trip we have gone on with all of us in the same car for nearly 10 years! We rocked out to music nearly the whole way down and stopped at In N Out in St George for some dinner. The total drive down was 7 1/2 hours!!!

Beautiful Bride!! 

Jeannene & Popper sleeping - Popper was sprawling all over the entire backseat haha

Brynnie was missing Blake and wanted the drive to go quicker! 

The sexy driver! Rawr! 

We were so excited to finally get to Vegas. We dropped Brynne and Lauryl off at Blake's parents home and then went to our hotel. We stayed at a Super 8 hotel in an "awesome" part of Vegas - pretty much a dive! Added to our adventure, that's for sure!!

We slept in the next day and then went to the Las Vegas temple with my mom, step dad, step sisters and Jeannene. After walking around the grounds I had my final temple prep class on the lawn - my mom was able to teach me all the classes but that one was my favorite! Being taught on temple grounds was an amazing experience!

Jake & me

Jake & me again

The whole family minus Brynne and Popper 

When we were finished at the temple, Jake and I went to go get some lunch at Popeye's. We'd never been there before. It wasn't bad but we werent super impressed either. 

Then we headed back to the hotel, got changed and headed to the reception!!

There were so many cute sayings throughout the entire house - it was gorgeous!

Some of their engagements!

This was a "W" (for their new last name, "Wise") made out of flowers!!!

Popper was a huge helper - she helped light and set up candles - there was over 100 candles!

The reception was at Blake's parents house in their backyard - this is the view of it when the sun was still up and guests hadnt arrived yet. 

Bridesmaids minus Andra, Ashley & Jeannene

Gorgeous mother of the bride!! 

Goofing off before pictures :) 

All the sisters! 

Jake is a groomsman, I'm the maid of honor :)

The lovebirds!! 

A quick picture of them greeting their guests!

The house all lit up at night - SO gorgeous!!

Some of the many candles!

There was a S'Mores bar! There was a fire pit as well to roast your marshmellows over!

Love my sexy man!

The view of the Las Vegas Strip from their back yard - so pretty!

We got back to the hotel around 11 and went right to bed (I was so tired!!). We slept until around 8:30, got packed and were on the road by 9 Utah time. We made it home in a little less than 6 hours - way quicker than the drive down! Jeannene, Sarah and Lizzy drove back with us.

Jeannene, Sarah & Lizzy (the one laying down haha)

Our designated driver!

All in all, it was a great trip. Yay for Brynnie and Blake!!

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