Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Temple Week

This past week I had the opportunity to go to the temple everyday with my sisters and future brother in law to do baptisms for the dead!! We did a different temple everyday! Brynne received her endowments on Saturday at Mt Timponogas temple, which was the inspiration and motivation to bring us to the temple everyday.

Monday we went to the Provo temple. I am not sure if I have done baptisms there or not. If I have, it was a long time ago and I don't remember. It was very busy and I was so sleepy that it made it hard to really enjoy the experience but it was the first time I've been in the temple with all 3 of my sisters!!! That was so awesome. Blake, my sisters fiancé, was able to baptize and confirm us.

Tuesday morning was the Draper temple, my first time at that temple, and that temple was my favorite of all that we were able to visit. We were within the first few people there, and the temple workers were all so friendly and awake haha. It was just an amazing experience and it was so peaceful and wonderful.

Wednesday was Mt Timpanogos temple. We chose to do Timp on Wednesday because there is a super cute temple worker named Leonard "Pink" Carter that works Wednesday mornings. It is so amazing going to the temple and seeing familiar faces and having someone to say hi to. Popper didn't come with us that day though - needed some extra sleep (getting up at 4 AM everyday this week was so hard!). It was pretty busy, especially compared to how mellow and slower paced Draper was, but it's wonderful to know so many people are going to the temple so early in the morning.

Thursday was the Jordan River Temple, and our dad came with us!!!! It was all of our first time doing baptisms for the dead with our dad and it was amazing!! This was my favorite experience in the temple. I love that all my sisters and my dad are worthy to go to the temple!!!

This picture turned out a little blurry, so we took another one...

Friday was Oquirrh Mountain. It was our last time to do temple file names with Brynne since she received her endowments the next day. Oquirrh is also the temple Blake and Brynne are getting married in in 3 weeks!! It was my first time in this temple and Jeannene's first time since it was dedicated. The baptistery in Oquirrh is beautiful - it was a wonderful way to end our temple week.

Saturday Brynne received her endowments at the Timpanogos temple. It was a beautiful day and she had a wonderful experience. Hopefully I'll be going through in the next week or two!!

Overall it was a wonderful week. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity and that so many temples are within such a short distance. Yay for living in "Zion"!!!


  1. Wow! What a wonderful recounting of each of your experiences during the week! I wish I had felt well enough to get up that early and go with you!! I'm SO proud of all of you for doing this amazing, selfless, eternal work to bless the lives of those you have not had the opportunity to meet yet. Can't wait until November 12!!!!!

  2. This is awesome Ashley!!! I have the same goal you do I want to go to all of the Temples in Utah. Shane and I were sealed in the Draper Temple and it is by far my favorite. You are such an amazing person, I live the drive and determination that you have! Are you going to be taking out your endowment soon??

  3. Draper is the temple I am hoping to receive my endowments in. I am hoping to be taking them out next weekend, November 12, but there are a few things left to do before hand so we will see!!