Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When you take advice from your father in law...

Dave Ramsey, as I have mentioned before, is one of my financial icons. He gives great advice and is someone I really look up to. My father in law got me into Dave Ramsey almost 2 years ago and I thank him quite regularly for that! The best part about that is that my father in law has applied all the same concepts to his financial life - before Dave Ramsey was even around! So that makes my father in law the original Dave Ramsey!

My amazing father in law Danny McClellan
We got debt free in amazing time, thanks to living in my in laws basement apartment rent free, advice from my in laws regularly, and Dave Ramsey's book. We were able to put down 10% when we bought our beautiful house. Now, we are trying to build our emergency fund (3-6 months expenses in case one of us loses a job) and it is killing me!! I want so many things for our house and I am fighting with myself everyday whether or not to just go buy a new sectional or new king size sleep number bed or fence the backyard or re carpet the house or whatever is on my brain that day. And then I hear my father in law's voice in my head and I decide not to buy anything. We have started calling it "being McClellan-ized".

The day I became a McClellan
He is so amazing at telling me what I may not want to hear but what I need to hear. I think that's what a good dad does. He is really good at it too haha. He tells me how it is, not how I want it to be. As a result, I know that Jake and I would have an entirely different marriage and financial situation if we hadn't listened when my father in law voiced his opinions when we almost bought another house 2 years ago. For that (and many other reasons) I am so grateful for my father in law. He is an amazing dad (seriously - I love him so much) and the best grandpa ever.

My father in law with his awesome boys - Dustin, Jake & Clint
I am so grateful my husband had the chance to grow up with his dad in his life.

Jake & his dad :)
I am also so grateful that his parents stayed married despite how difficult marriage can be at times so that Jake and his brothers could grow up with their dad in their lives and in their home.

My amazing in laws - Dad & Mom McClellan
I am so grateful that he is a worthy priesthood holder and temple recommend holder - he is a wonderful example to his boys. And last but not least, I am so happy he will be our kids Grandpa. He is the most amazing Grandpa ever - I love watching him with Kenzie and Emrie.

Grandpa & Grandma with Kenzie & Emrie
If your father in law gives advice, in my experience, you should listen.


  1. He is such a good guy, I love him to!

  2. Danny said "Thanks for the Christmas present. That's all he needs " :)