Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Brynne's Bridal Shower

This past weekend I had the chance to host Brynne's bridal shower!! My mom (THANKFULLY) offered to let me host it at her house, and my sisters Jeannene & Lauryl were huge helpers in facilitating the party planning!

We decided to do an UP! theme because UP! is one of Blake & Brynne's movies.

The Shower Invite

We decided to do a dessert theme - these are chocolate cupcakes with Dum Dum suckers in them for the balloons like on UP! (my mom found the idea for these and she and my sisters made them!!)

One of the other 2 desserts served - Key Lime Pie

And Strawberry & Pineapple Shortcake!

View of the table

Gorgeous Mother!

3 of the 4 sisters - Jeannene was our photographer! 

Brynnie's gifts! 

The Bride!!! 

We played "What's In Your Purse?" - each person was given a list of random items and for each item they had in their purse, they received points! The winners got to choose a scented hand soap!

The suitcase for Hawaii Brynne got from her soon to be mom & sisters Susan, Ashley & Andrea - the carry on sized suitcase was filled with every clothing and beauty item you could ever think of needing for Hawaii! 

One of the adorable swimsuits from Susan, Ashley & Andrea

Blake & Brynne love to play board games! 

The dish rack since their cute apartment doesn't have an automatic dishwasher 

A Toaster  


His & her towels - one is purple and one is blue! 

A Queen Size Plush blanket for their bed! 


A monogramed blanket (BWB)

Popcorn & a movie to snuggle on their  couch with

Some pajama's and cute earrings!! 
(Ask Brynne for the full story behind this gift haha)

The gift I got for Brynnie

Close up of the picture I made

Cree, Lindsay & Brynnie

Brynnie & the Thorne's

Brynnie & the Hazard's

Brynnie & Aunt Shauna!

Cousins Eliza & Amy and Grandpa's "lady friend" Grace

Alyx & Brynnie!!

Brynnie with Devin & Kathy

Brynnie with Charlotte :)  

So excited for Brynnie to get married!!! ONLY 16 more days!!!!!! 

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  1. Ash!! I LOVE THIS!!! I know it is probably a hassle, but would you be able to either email these pictures to me or tag me in them on facebook so that I can save them to my computer?? You are fantastic!!! I love you!!