Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Broken Road

So I have never been so excited for Monday in my entire life! I have been working for quite a while to go to the temple and I am going to the temple to receive my endowment tomorrow!! I am so in shock and ecstatic at the same time that I feel like my skin is the only thing keeping me in one place.

The other day I was reading entries in my journal from the last year about how hard this has been. I have worked so hard for this, but now it doesn't seem like it was so hard. But it was so hard. I've had so many times I cried and got impatient or frustrated and now it feels like it was nothing to get here. Crazy how that happens!!!

Initially, my endowment session was sent up for yesterday at the Jordan River temple. I work on Saturdays, but I get off work at 1:15. I was planning to leave work and head straight to the temple. That would get me there by 1:45 - right on time!

In order for my endowment to be yesterday, my stake president interview needed to be last Sunday, and that was scheduled for 9 am. Enter the hiccup. We were in Las Vegas for Brynne and Blake's reception. We were planning to come home at 2 am, but ended up deciding it wasn't safe to drive home all that way, on no sleep, in the dark. I was really bummed but I kept telling myself it'd all work itself out. I got my stake president interview rescheduled and set my endowment session for tomorrow at Provo Temple, just 2 days later. I was so relieved to find out it was only 2 days difference. So then fast forward to yesterday. Work was SO busy - we were closed the day before for Veterans Day, and apparently everyone needed to come to the bank!! By the time I got out of work, it was 2! Thank heavens my temple session wasn't still scheduled for yesterday! I would have been so late and stressed and worried and panicking! Everything really happens for a reason!! Happy joy for not nearly missing my own endowment session!

I am very excited for tomorrow, and very proud of myself that I have come so far. Even though it's on a work day, I have so many amazing friends and family members coming to support me! The next time I update my blog, I'll have been through the temple and have pictures of my big day!! YAY :)


  1. YAY FOR ASHLEY!! I love you!! I am SOOO proud of you!! Congrats! :) <3 <3 :)i'll be there in spirit!!

  2. Such an exciting thing!!! The temple is amazing! Congrats!!!