Monday, November 14, 2011

I love to see the temple

Today, I got to go to the Temple to receive my endowment!!!!! My session was at the Provo Temple! I barely slept last night I was so excited!! It was an amazing, wonderful experience and I am so excited to get to go back and do more endowment sessions! I had so many amazing friends and family there, and even more who were with me in spirit!! 

The weather was beautiful today - it was 70 degrees! The sun was out, and blinding us haha, but at least it wasn't windy or snowing or cold!! 

Danny, Wendy, Kenzie, Emrie, Jake, me, Jenny, Sally & Chuck - my McClellan side! 

Jake & me with Jenny, Chuck & Sally. They drove down from Ogden!!!! They are so great :) 

Jake & me with Danny, Wendy, Kenzie & Emrie

My fabulous escorts - mom in law and mom! 

Jake and me with my mom, Brynne & Blake - Rick was there for the session but needed to leave before pictures :( 

Me and my amazing sister Brynne - she received her endowment 2 weeks ago :) 

Me with Suzie & Ryan! 

Me with Charlotte, one of my fabulous Young Women Leaders!!

Charlotte wrote me a beautiful note and gave me this porcelain statue of the Salt Lake Temple

After I came out of the temple, I was pretty much glued to Jake - I just wanted to stay right next to him 

My amazing husband and me

 Life truly is beautiful :)

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