Thursday, June 20, 2013

Coach Summit: What coulda been

Right now, in VERY hot Las Vegas, NV, Coach Summit is happening. For those of you who have no idea what that is {probably everyone here}, it's the once yearly Coaching Convention put on by Beachbody, the creator of P90X, TurboFire, Insanity, etc. It is also where they give away $100,000 to the Beachbody Challenge Contestant who had the most inspirational story on how weight loss changed their life.

I made the goal a while ago that I was going to go there, this year. And that I was going to be the finalist for females age 19-29 for my story. And that I was going to win that $100,000. And even if I didn't win, I'd at least get $25,000 for being a finalist and getting to go to Vegas, plus the whole trip is paid for. Pretty ambitious goal, but I just knew that I could do it. I mean, I lost 125 pounds. I was unstoppable, right?!

And then, I had this feeling - what if you get pregnant?

And that made me stop right in my tracks. To win, or even qualify for that matter, you have to send a VERY current picture {with a newspaper to prove the date} showing how rocking in shape you still are. So if I got pregnant, there'd go ALL that hard work. I had to really sit down and figure out my priorities. Did I want to win this $25,000, maybe $100,000 bad enough that we would prevent  trying to get pregnant? What if we prevented, and then we didn't win? Then we'd have wasted all that time we could have been trying.

After a LOT of thought and prayer, I decided to let that dream go and that we should try and get pregnant. And then we got pregnant. And THEN the finalists were announced. So the timing would have been wrong. And being a mom is more important to me than winning that money. If I'd even been the one that qualified. The girl that qualified for females from 19-29 did TurboFire too and she lost almost 200 pounds. And is like a size 4 now. YEAH I can't compete with that haha. So it all worked out! I'm glad we didn't wait, and end up not getting qualified to go, and miss the fact that we are pregnant right now!

Yay for things working out in our favor :)

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