Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 8 {and a half} - a green olive

Today is May 28. Last Thursday {May 23} marked my 8 week mark, but I have totally dropped the ball on blogging - sorry!!

I went to my 8 week appointment last week!! First baby appointment. WOOT! I got lost at the hospital trying to find my doctor's office and I ended up walking all over the entire hospital, which wouldn't be so bad except I was wearing 4.5 inch heels. Yep I won't be doing THAT again haha. I finally found my doctor's office, got checked in, and waited for them to call me back. They got me on the scale and did blood pressure and then had me go into my room and change into a hospital gown. I read in an email I get each day to expect that, so I wasn't surprised.

One of the midwives came in along with a midwife in training. I can't remember if I told ya'll or not but I am meeting with a midwife throughout the pregnancy. They basically did a glorified pap smear and asked me some questions about how I am feeling, and then asked me if I had any questions. Um yes, lots. I asked about doing Turbo {I did it two weeks ago and was cramping WAY bad afterwards - they said no more of that}, on working out in general {got the green light - gonna be doing lots of the elliptical!}, on my maximum heart rate {they didn't say - just listen to my body}, if I can still do my half marathon in 2 weeks {yep, just be careful} and if I can still go to Girls Camp {yep, just be careful and stay hydrated}. After  I was done, they gave me a huge bag full of samples of prenatal vitamins and informational pamphlets and magazines and catalogues for baby stuff. And I got to get my blood drawn. After my whole platelet incident, I really am not a fan of getting my blood drawn. But the tech did great and only had to wiggle the needle once to get blood to come out and then I was on my way back to work. 3 hour long lunch. WHOOPS! From now on, my appointments will all be first thing in the morning haha.

They tried to do an ultra sound but the baby is too little to see anything. The midwife said that was totally normal and not to be worried, but it worried me. Even though she SPECIFICALLY said not to worry. They want to me to go to AF and do a vaginal ultrasound so they can see the baby that way {they think he/she is hiding behind my pelvic bone and that's why we couldn't see them topically}. I am playing phone tag with AF hospital trying to get that scheduled - hopefully soon because I want to see our little bean!!

I've told a few more people that we are expecting - mostly people in the ward. Still trying to get everyone to keep it on the down low though. We'll see how long that lasts. I told my boss a while ago, as I mentioned, and they have decided to hire my replacement already so that means it is really coming out at the bank that I am pregnant, since people are asking where I am going, and I'm saying I am not leaving for 7 months... Yeah you do the math on that one haha.

This morning was the first time I've thrown up. Definitely felt nauseous, but didn't throw up until this morning. Threw up twice actually. And I felt so much better after each time. Someone told me it's not like the flu - you don't feel better after you throw up when you're pregnant but I don't agree. I DEFINTELY don't want to eat the healthy stuff I was wanting to eat today though {broccoli with lunch and an apple as a snack} but I am going to try to eat some broccoli at dinner. And I am trying to eat as much protein as I can, instead of all the carbs that I want to eat. It's just getting tough - chicken and beef sound gross, so I pretty much just eat dairy. Like lots of cheese - cheese sticks are my new best friend. And milk. I am drinking SOOO much milk everyday! I didn't dislike milk before I was pregnant, but it ALWAYS sounds good now. And Orange Juice sounds amazing too - I've been drinking a lot of that too. And I didn't drink my calories before I got pregnant, so that's been weird having a huge chunk of my calories for the day go out the window real quick, but hey if it's what sounds good I'm going with it.

The only meat that sounds good is Café Rio pork. I could eat that 3 meals a day. Ok maybe not really. But really. I could eat it a LOT.

I like Spaghettio's lately, and Mini Ravioli from Chef Boyardee {my sister used to call them "pillows" when we were little}. That's my lunch of choice lately.

I still don't really like the thought of sugar, ice cream doesn't sound good or chocolate or anything. That is INSANE for me. I REALLY like sugar. I'd just much rather have a glass of OJ or some crackers haha.

I have been trying to sleep on my side and that'd interesting haha. I would much rather sleep on my tummy or my back but I am making it work because this little bean is worth it!

It doesn't feel quite real yet. So far I just feel sick with a secret that I don't want to tell in case something goes wrong. I think the ultrasound is the big ticket to helping this feel more real. Can't wait for that!!

Can't remember what I've told ya'll {seriously I'm surprised I remember my own name these days} but Jake & I both think it's a boy. And as much as I want the baby to be healthy and just feel overjoyed that it IS a baby, we both are secretly hoping it's a boy. And now that I say that, where our kids can see someday, watch it be a girl. Wonderful child, if you ever read this, we wanted you and we are so happy you were born, regardless of if you're a boy or a girl {but seriously, you're dad REALLY wants you to be a boy!}

Can't wait to post how the ultra sound goes!

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