Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My family goes on Trek

After our half marathon, Brynne, Jake & I drove out to Elberta Utah to see the rest of my family finish Trek. My mom & Rick knew we were going to be there, but Jeannene & Popper had no idea!

All the families lined up waiting for them to come
Me, Brynne & Sister Julie Wallace waiting for them to come, ready with white handkerchiefs
Here they come!!
Hey I know them!!
Popper had just drawn "the trial" and had to ride on the cart because she "broke her leg". My mom & Rick were the ma & pa of her family!
Jeannene pushing her cart!
Everyone lined up as Aaron Asay, our neighbor across the street, played hymns on the bagpipes. They had to wait until he stopped before they could come see their families.
And then they all ran to us! Everyone looked SO cute in their pioneer clothes. Is that weird I like pioneer clothes haha?
We all talked and cried and then had popsicles that the Alvey's were kind enough to bring. And after that, we all wanted ice cream. Jake was mortified at the thought of walking into Simply Ice Cream with me & Brynne all sweaty from the half marathon and everyone else in their pioneer clothes, but we did it anyway. Jeannene introduced me to cake batter ice cream. HOLY. SMOKES. QUITE delicious haha! It was SUPER fun to get to be there to greet them - I am so glad we went, and I am so glad they were able to go and experience Trek!

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