Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Utah Valley Half Marathon 2013

June 8, I finished my 2nd Half Marathon. As I mentioned in this post, I signed up for this a while ago, but I am SO proud of me for actually doing it. I didn't sleep well the night before, so when the alarm went off, I SERIOUSLY contemplated not going.

HOLY SMOKES that's early!
Brynne & I had some egg whites together and then I had a glass of Orange Juice and packed some pretzels for the drive in case I got sick. And then we got in the car and headed to Provo Towne Center Mall!

Brynne is a morning person - she was WAY too excited haha
And I felt like a zombie haha!
We were worried about getting on the buses in time, but we were able to catch a bus and head up there. And yes, I got motion sick. I felt it coming and through SEVERE prayer and drinking water and eating pretzels I was able to prevent myself from throwing up. The bus ride was real quick, so as soon as we got off the bus I felt much better. The air up the canyon was pretty brisk, and that ALWAYS helps me feel better!

The line of porta-potties
ALL those people were waiting in line! Crazy!!
Getting ready to start the race!
Sitting down for our pre race ritual - watching our YouTube Video and saying a prayer together.
Ok seriously, I talk about this ALL the time on here, but if you STILL haven't watched this YouTube video yet, PLEASE go watch it. EVERYTIME I see it, it reminds me all over again why I do Half Marathon's, even though I LOATHE running. WATCH it!!

LOVE this video!!
We finished our video, said a prayer together and then got ready to go! We both went to the bathrooms one more time, and in the process Brynne's fitbit {the most high tech awesome pedometer ever} fell off and was on the ground in between two porta-potties and we could NOT reach it - the porta potties were too close together. She was bummed, but decided we should just go since the race had started!

We got our music going, and started our fast walk.

Being in the back made it so that we saw JUST HOW many people there were in the race!
These pictures just don't do justice - there were SO many people!!
And I know I thought this wouldn't be too hard - I mean it's walking. But oh man. It was hard.

My feet hurt.

My back hurt.

My legs hurt.

My knees hurt.

And we were WALKING!

By mile 9 we had to slow down a bit - my knees were throbbing. And then it'd pass and we'd walk as fast as we could until something else starting hurting. Throughout the whole race, it was only body parts - no cramping or anything indicating the baby was in distress. THANK HEAVENS!! I did feel nauseous around mile 11, so I ate my granola bar I had packed and kept going.

We walked past LaVell Edwards Stadium around mile 12!
Goal was to finish as close to 3 hours as possible. Missed that goal by a little bit - we ended up finishing at 3 hours 25 minutes. But we finished!

So happy to be done!!
Shows part of our pace - I forgot to turn it off when I crossed the finish line.
Forgot to turn the time off, but the calorie burn was AMAZING!
After the race, we hobbled out of the finish line area after getting some fruit and chocolate milk and found the car.
I love that we are both smiling because I sure didn't feel like smiling haha!
Brynne & I both immediately took our shoes off, which THRILLED Jake haha. We drove to the mall and got Brynne's car, then all met up out in Saratoga Springs at Smith's so that we could drive to our families Trek finish together. We had enough time to get something to eat, so we went to Kneaders!

Brynne's lunch!
My lunch!
After Kneaders we went and saw my family finish Trek, got some ice cream and went home. I had 3 HUGE blisters on my feet, one on the back of a foot and one on the side of each big toe. Seriously my toes looked like I had tumors on them. And I could NOT walk - I was like an old lady! Jake was teasing me so bad haha. The next day, I couldn't walk because my foot was in SEVERE amounts of pain. There will be a WHOLE different post on that though - look for that one!

I am glad I did this half, even though I got sore, even though I only walked - I can now say that I accomplished a half marathon while pregnant! WOOT!!

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