Friday, June 28, 2013

13 weeks - a lemon

So I have slacked on posting the weeks lately - sheesh!

Let's start at my 12 week appointment, when I was 11 weeks {a large plum}. I went in, hoping that we would get to do an ultrasound, but kinda hoping not since Jake wasn't able to come with me. He went to Camp Helaman with the Young Men {16-17 year olds} and was going to miss my appointment. Ok seriously - he went to SCOUT CAMP! GUYS! THIS IS AWESOME!! Anyway, back to the baby.

I was running late, but got there and they took me right back. "Only" gained 2 pounds so far, which is good. I don't like this whole gaining weight thing. Baby is worth it, don't get me wrong. But I cannot WAIT to get back to doing Turbo and slimming back down after the baby is here!! My midwife this visit was Dena and she said that because I am 12 weeks, we can use a Doppler and try to hear the heartbeat. I said that I thought I was only 11 weeks because of my ultrasound I had. She pulled up the ultrasound images and said that the difference was small enough that they decided to leave my due date as it originally was, so I thought I was only 11 weeks but I was really 12! YAY!!! That meant the baby was the size of a peach!

She got out the Doppler and it took a few minutes and some searching but we found little McClellan's heartbeat. It was really fast, just like it should be. I recorded a little video on my phone so I could send it to Jake. The quality on it SUCKS. Next time I gotta work on my filming skills haha. But there was a heart beat! And then my appointment was over. SUPER fast, so I am glad that Jake didn't come home from camp for that, or miss work or anything.

As of today, I am officially 13 weeks, and these 13 weeks have been awesome. I am VERY ready for the 2nd trimester though haha. I feel like I am gaining weight in my middle but not a bump, just fluff. Like I am bloated almost. Can't wait to have a baby bump. Can't wait to supposedly get more energy. Can't wait to not feel so sick {except thanks to B6 + a Unisom at night, I haven't thrown up in 11 days!}. In a week, I start my new work schedule. CANNOT wait for that. Working until 2 is gonna be AWESOME - working until 5 or 6 is a LOT harder than I thought it would be, especially since I get evening sickness, not morning sickness. My hair & my nails are both growing like CRAZY so I definitely have those extra hormones doing ME some good haha. Hoping my hair is about as long as my extensions were by the time little M gets here.

Every now and then, it just hits me that we are having a baby. Like me. I am having a baby. Like right now. Like I need to figure out where I want to deliver and all that jazz. Because this is real. I really am about to be responsible for keeping someone else alive. So surreal. And I am so scared. But then I see pictures of friends with their brand new babies and then I just get insanely excited. I'm gonna have a little person that adores ME for the first few years. Like my puppy Max but that can talk back and hug me and really give me kisses and SAY I love you. This is REALLY happening!

Last night Jake mentioned we should probably start buying diapers to store. Which I think is a great idea. And THAT made me realize we need someone to put them, so we need to clean out the extra stuff we have stored in the nursery closet. SO excited - I have my first "clean out the baby room" project!! WOOT!!!

And he may kill me later for doing this, but I just have to post this picture. When Jake left for Scout Camp, he left this super cute note on the counter for me. It is currently the wall paper on my phone. Every time I see it, it makes me want to cry all over again. He is going to be the BEST dad ever!!

When he wrote this, I was still 10 weeks, so the baby was the size of a lime

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