Monday, June 17, 2013


*****I found this post that I wrote on June 5th but never posted. I liked it too much to not post, so just imagine you are reading this almost 2 weeks ago.*****

Recently, I posted that Jake received his Living Ordinance Temple Recommend and that he would be receiving his endowment next Saturday at Provo Temple. Still so stinkin' excited I can barely see straight.

What I didn't realize was that because I also will be performing a Living Ordinance when we get sealed, I needed a new recommend and needed to meet with the Stake & my Bishop as well. I talked to my Bishop last Sunday and we got an interview scheduled for last night at 7:30.

I got home from work, made dinner and did dishes {we refer to it as finding the sink, since our sink will get so buried under the dishes you can't tell there is even a sink there} and then went to my interview.

We started out talking about how excited we are that Jake is ready for this, and the little things I can do to help prepare him the next week. We also talked about a pamphlet the Bishop would like him to read before his interview with the Stake this Sunday, which I already have so I just said I would have Jake read mine so that the Bishop could keep the copy he had. And then we had the interview.

When I had my recommend interview almost 2 years ago to receive my own endowment, I just remember feeling so at peace. So calm. And SOOOO joyful that I could say "yes" to all of the questions that were asked {except of course for the few that you say "no" to haha}. I came out and just felt absolute joy. It was an amazing experience.

So this time, I kept reminding myself of that and was trying to get back in that mind sight of how happy I am that I can say "yes" to the questions asked. But instead, all I could think about was how amazing I feel knowing that Jake said "yes" to those questions.

Each and every question, that's all I could think about.

The questions are things like "Do you have a testimony of the Savior?" "Do you have a testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel?" "Do you honor and sustain President Thomas S Monson as Prophet?" - stuff like that. Nothing earth shattering. And yet, Jake said yes to every single question.

I was seriously holding back tears at one point, realizing Jake said yes to all of those things. I am SO proud of him, of the man he is. He has changed a LOT since we met, but it's all in the best ways. All of the things I liked about him that I hoped would never change are exactly the same. He's the same guy I married but better. I don't know how to explain it. It's amazing to know that he can say yes to all of those things.

Jake, I am so proud of you. I love you so much!

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