Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 7

As of today {May 16}, I am officially at 7 weeks. And I can't begin to count all the emotions I am feeling haha. I feel like a one woman roller coaster. I am so worried about a miscarriage, and I'm so excited to quit my job so I can stay home, and I'm so nervous to be a mom, and I'm irritable more than normal and it's just been crazy being in my head, let alone being around me.

I still haven't thrown up. Not once. Which I am totally loving, don't get me wrong. I just feel like something isn't right since I'm not sick all the time? But I read in "What to expect when you're expecting" that only a little more than half of women experience that. So less than half don't get sick at all. Made me feel better! And according to old wives tales, having an easy pregnancy means I am having a boy. I am totally ok with that :)

A lot of the food I used to like sounds gross. Like apples. I eat an apple every single day, and have for over a year. But now, they sound so gross. Berries don't sound bad. Vegetables in general sound disgusting. Chicken sounds gross. Chips sounds awesome. Crackers sound awesome. I like salty things. Sugar doesn't sound good but I've been eating it anyway. That's gotta stop haha. Water doesn't sound good at all. It doesn't taste good. And I drink close to a gallon every single day before. So that's WAY weird that I'm not drinking as much as before.

I have felt the queasiness coming once or twice but I usually just eat something and feel fine afterwards. Sometimes at night I can feel it, and I just try to sleep through it. Like I said, so far haven't thrown up. Awesome.

I've noticed that my clothes are fitting different - my pants particularly. My garment bottoms aren't fitting quite like they used to. Again, I totally didn't think I would experience that by this point. I'm not showing or anything! But according to Google & my pregnancy bible "What to expect", it's normal. Weird. I've still been able to wear my same clothes, no maternity things yet. But I can tell they don't fit quite right. Which could be from the sugar and junk I've been eating haha.

Pregnancy brain is a real thing. I locked the keys to the vault inside the vault last night at work, and it took me until this morning to realize that was the last place I saw them. I can't remember things that normally would come right to me. That's very hard for me - I don't usually write things down. I write my To-Do List down, but that's it. Now, I need to write EVERYTHING down or I will forget. EVERYTHING needs to go on my To-Do List or it will be forgotten. Already. At week 7. AWESOME!

I am so irritated all the time. Not so much at family members - I get frustrated with dishes, and laundry, and work. Hopefully I can figure out how to make that better before I go nuts, or before I blow up at people haha.

But I'm happy to be pregnant. OVERJOYED!!

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