Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fathers Day 2013

This year was Jake's first unofficial Father's Day. And I REALLY wanted to get him something. I kept telling him that I wanted to buy him something expensive after he went through the temple {that's how I like to show love - buying gifts. SO bad haha} but that I knew we needed to reign it back since I will be quitting my job soon. But I couldn't resist his gift once I saw it...

He wasn't happy I bought him a gift since he didn't get me anything for Mother's Day. Oh well!
I like cards, so of course I had to get him a card.
He had fun throwing the paper at me
His "did you really buy me this?" face
An iPad mini & case! YAY!
He already has an iPad, so we don't really need a mini, but we had been talking about getting one anyway so I just figured hey why not. He is still debating on whether or not he wants to keep it - I think he just feels bad for how much it cost, but deep down he wants to keep it. Babe, really - if you want it, I want you to keep it.

After we cleaned up the mess and he started playing with it and syncing it to his laptop, we made breakfast {cereal - woot!} and then went to church. He got a gift, just like all the other dads in the ward and that made me so happy :) Everywhere we went, people were telling us congrats and we both kept saying thanks, not sure if they meant on the baby or on the temple or both haha. We posted the picture announcing we were pregnant that morning, so the word was out on both.

After church we went to his parents house for a BBQ. I called my dad and my grandpa and talked to both of them too. We are planning on mailing a card to my grandpa VERY soon - just need to get it off the counter haha and then we are doing something with my dad hopefully this weekend. Brynne is at Girls Camp this week, and Jake's little brother Clint gets married this weekend, so it'll be tight fitting Father's Day with my dad in there but we want to make sure we get time to do that with him. He is so excited to be a Grandpa, it's so cute.

Overall, it was an AMAZING day and it wasn't even a day for me haha. I just loved hearing everyone tell Jake congrats and relieving the day in my mind hundreds of times. Seriously, I am SO proud of my Jake. He is the best hubby ever and I am so lucky he picked me. And if I think he is a great husband, I can't wait to see how good of a dad he is gonna be!

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