Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The best day of my life {for now}

Last Saturday, June 15, was the best day of my entire life so far. Why? Because Jake received his endowments at the Provo Temple. And that means I got to hug my husband in the Celestial Room.
But before we get to that part, let's go through the whole day. We talked in the morning and read scriptures together, packed his temple bag and put my new dress in my bag and then just relaxed the rest of the morning. At 12, we left to get some lunch and to head to his parents house to pick up his brother Clint and his dad, who were both his escorts.
The whole car ride down, I was feeling SO nauseous.  I kept praying that it would go away before we got to the temple, because I REALLY didn't want to have to get up during the session to go lose my lunch. We got to Jake's parents house and ate our lunch and talked with his family for a few minutes, and right as we were getting ready to leave for the temple {right on time, might I add} Clint mentioned something about how he hoped his old recommend works because he got a new one for his sealing this coming Saturday and he didn't have that one with him. HOLY FETCH! I did the exact same thing - got a new one for our sealing, but had our old one with me. I called the stake executive secretary and he let me know that yep, I needed my new one. That was at our house. Back in Eagle Mountain. AWESOME!
We hurried and left Jake's parents house and booked it home, and as we were leaving Eagle Mountain and getting into Saratoga Springs, it was 1:40 - the time we were supposed to be at Provo Temple. AWESOME! I called the temple to let them know we were running late and they said to get there as soon as we could.
We made it about half hour late. I was freaking out, but not anywhere near as bad as I could have been. Thinking back on it stresses me out haha but I was pretty calm all things considered. We got there and got his records all updated and then we separated and went to change into our temple clothes. I didn't really realize we were separating for a few hours, otherwise I would have hugged him but it was really nice to see him again an hour later just as his session started.
The absolute best part was when I walked into the Celestial Room and he was already in there. I hugged him - like bear hugged him - and just started sobbing. Like I could feel my shoulders shaking I was crying so hard. He tried to calm me down at first and then just let me cry. And when I finally pulled away, he was crying too. AWWWWW!! I hugged my sister, his mom & grandma, and then had to hug him again. Then I hugged my step dad, his dad, his brother, and had to hug him again. Then I hugged my mom, my brother in law, his buddy from high school and his wife and had to hug him again. It was the best moment of my ENTIRE life getting to hug him in that setting. Seriously, AMAZING.
Please forgive my lack of make up - I knew I would be crying so I decided not to put any make up on.

Right after we walked out of the temple
Seriously I couldn't stop hugging him
Our awesome home teacher Jason Cann came. He has been a HUGE answer to prayers - I am so grateful we were assigned such an awesome home teacher!!
Jake's dad, mom & little brother Clint
Jake's family with Grandma - don't mind my finger at the top haha
Jake's whole family - dad, mom, little brother Clint, soon to be sister in law Macy & Grandma
Jake's best friend from high school Kjell & his wife Paige. They are expecting too, so we got a picture with our hands on our bellies. For some reason, I got a way goofy look haha
Us with my sister Brynne & her husband Blake
Us with my family - sister Jeannene, step dad Rick, mom, brother in law Blake, sister Brynne & sister Lauryl. Jeannene and Lauryl haven't been through the temple yet, so while they waited for us they went to a movie at the dollar theater down the road
Step dad, mom, brother-in-law & sister :)
Just us with my sisters & Blake :)
Jake and his escorts, little brother Clint & dad Danny
How we announced we were expecting on Facebook - I can't get over how much I love this picture :)
After we were finished taking pictures, we decided to all go to dinner together. Jake picked Rodizio Grill, but the wait was almost 2 hours and we were all starving so we chose Olive Garden instead. Wait was still about 45 minutes but we talked and passed the time so it was ok. Food was amazing, company was even better!

Everyone was able to come except our home teacher. So much fun!
Seriously, this was the BEST day of my entire life. Until we get sealed. And until our baby is born. Then THOSE will become the best day's ever. But for now, this is the BEST DAY EVER!

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