Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 10 {and a half} - a lime

So I will be 11 weeks on Thursday, so I figured I should post my 10 week post pretty quick haha. This week, I feel pretty yucky. There are times I don't, but usually when I am awake I don't feel great. Jake & I have decided that means that's when the baby is awake haha. Fortunately, the baby "slept" really good during Jake's session so I didn't feel sick at all while we were at the temple. I'll make a separate post about that though - just gotta get around to it!

My clothes are fitting pretty tight, but I don't know if maternity stuff would fit. Gotta love that awkward phase haha. Food aversions are getting SO much worse - I pretty much just don't like food right now haha. I am trying to eat as much protein as I can stomach but nothing sounds good, like ever. That's CRAZY for me!

I really hadn't thrown up very many times until the last week - I've thrown up 4 times in a week. Definitely getting sicker. And you'd better believe every single time I throw up I sit there and say, out loud, "I love you little lime/peanut/bean" {whatever name comes to mind haha}. Every time I get whiny about feeling hot or sick or tired, Jake always reminds me how bad I wanted this and he's right - I wanted this. All of it.

Being sick this late at the end of my first trimester actually feels like a blessing. I read an article last night that Cornell published after reviewing over 80,000 pregnancies that when you are sick, there is virtually no chance of miscarriage. The article said morning sickness should really be called pregnancy insurance. And that makes me feel SOO much better, now that we've told the world we are having a baby. I'd hate to have something happen to our little lime right now. But I felt so strongly a few weeks ago that'd be fine, and I'm getting sicker, so I'm taking that as little lime is here to stay.

I keep forgetting that pregnancy doesn't last forever. At some point, I will feel like me again - I will have energy again, I will like food again haha. And when that point comes, we'll have our addition here with us. I can't wait for that!!!

I have been "replaced" at the bank haha. Leah, one of our tellers we already had, is going to be the new Vault Teller and Lindsey's New Accounts backup and Angie's manager backup. So now, we are hiring to replace Leah's current shift, which is working in the afternoons and Saturdays. As soon as that happens, Leah is officially taking over my job and I get to go to part time, just working 5 hours a day Monday through Friday. I will work from 9-2. And oh you'd better believe I am STOKED for that!! The bank just needs to finish interviews and then train the new person and I can change over - should only be another month or so. WOOT!!!!

I have my 12 week appointment in 3 days, even though I will only be 11 weeks and 1 day. That's because I am pretty sure my due date changed, like I talked about after our ultrasound. But I get to see the little lime again!! Jake wanted to come but he has Camp Helaman this week {it's Scout Camp for the 16-17 year old boys} and I am VERY supportive of him going to that, so I will just record the ultrasound so that he can see everything when he gets back home. Only 3 more days until I can see my little lime again! YAY!!!

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