Sunday, June 16, 2013


Ok I don't know if it's because I have no energy, or if it's because I know no one will see this for a few weeks, but I am having a WAY hard time blogging about the pregnancy! And that's SO bad - I want to remember all this stuff!!

Last Thursday, I had my ultrasound down at the hospital. So to preface, at my 8 week appointment, my midwife had mentioned she wanted me to go have one done at the hospital because when she did one topically, we couldn't see the baby. Said it was nothing to worry about. Which translates into Ashley being worried. I called the hospital to schedule the interview, and they asked if something was wrong with the pregnancy. "UH no... I don't think so? My doctor just wants me to have one?"

So Jake & I get to the hospital for the ultrasound and while checking in, we got asked if everything was ok in the pregnancy. Now, I am freaking out. We said yes, our doctor just wanted us to get one. We waited to go back to our room and then when the tech came to get us, he asked us the same question. GEEZ YES I SURE HOPE EVERYTHING IS OK!!!

They wanted to do an ultrasound topically and then if they couldn't see anything do a vaginal ultrasound. To do a topical ultrasound, you have to have a full bladder. If you know me, you know that I ALWAYS have to pee, even before I was pregnant. So having to intentionally hold it was absolute torture. The car ride down was torture. Sitting in the waiting room by the bathroom was torture. I was dying. So they do the topical ultrasound and can't really see anything. He thought he could see the baby, but wanted to check vaginally just to be safe. Which meant I got to go pee. Oh I was relieved {literally}!

I changed into the hospital gown and came back in the room and got all situated. The tech said he was going to look to make sure everything was in place, like ovaries and stuff, and then we'd look at the baby. Jake was absolutely fascinated watching the screen, which I loved. I was freaking out, so I just watched his face looking at the screen. And then, they saw the baby.

And I looked at the screen, and I could tell where the head was. Normally, I feel like I have no idea what I am looking at in ultrasound pictures but I totally could see it! He/she is very small, but there is definitely someone in there! It was so good to see them! They're little heart rate was around 168 BPM, which I thought was CRAZY - that's SO fast! But the tech said that's perfectly normal and that's where they want it to be!

The "bad" news is that my crown rump measurement {from the top of the baby's head to his/her little bum} is showing I was 8 weeks 1 day, when I thought I was 8 weeks 6 days. So I think that means my due date is getting pushed back by 5 days. LAME SAUCE! So I did week 8 all over again haha. But there is DEFINITELY someone in there! YAY!!! 

After we left the hospital, Jake text his mom and I text my mom and sisters the picture from the ultrasound to let everyone know there really is a little someone in there. And then we went to Chili's for dinner with a gift card we got for Jake's birthday. Dinner out is always nice, especially when it's free. What a great way to celebrate our first ultrasound!!

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