Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Touch of Color...

A few weeks ago I got this itch to buy a new house. I looked around online for a little bit while I was at work and then I realized I don't want a new house - I just want different paint. So I asked Jake if we could paint the house, and he wasn't super into the idea, especially since I wanted to paint the ceilings and baseboards too. He suggested we try something else first to add some color rather than paint right off the bat. So I looked into getting curtains and went and bought them the same day haha. When I want something, I want it now!

I went to Wal Mart with the intention of getting green curtains. Sage green to be specific. That's what color is in our master bedroom and we have a TINY accent of sage green already in the living room, so I figured lets go with that. It's a gorgeous color, its very calming, it'll look good with beige {our walls and couch} so it seemed liked a perfect fit. Until I got to the store and fell IN LOVE with these red curtains. I hate red. HATE red. Because I am a big BYU fan. Yes I know that's pathetic to hate a color just because I dislike the team up north but I really don't like the color red. My kitchen has red in it, but I feel like it's pretty minimal and I can handle it. But putting red in another room in my house? But I just loved these curtains. So I looked at the throw pillows and found 2 that I LOVE so yep I went with red. I also bought timers for our lamps so that they will turn themselves on at night to make the room look brighter {one of the reasons that I had wanted to paint}. I LOVE how it turned out! The pictures are a little dark - I took them last night when the timers came on naturally but you'll get the idea :)

Seriously love the curtains, and love how they look when they are held back!
Another view of the curtains and the lamp with one of the new throw pillows
The other throw pillow
New lamp on the table by the entryway. LOVE how this display turned out!
And I got a new vinyl made! I found this quote on Pinterest about a year ago and decided I wanted it in our bedroom, and FINALLY got around to having it made right before Christmas. The day we hung the curtains, we also hung the vinyl! Jake was THRILLED with all the home decor that day haha. I love how it turned out - just need to hang something on the sides of it so that the wall doesn't look so bare... Not sure what yet so project for future date!!

The only wall in our bedroom without a window or a door
I am really loving how it all turned out, and now I don't want to move anymore haha. The downside to home improvement projects is that they make me want to do more of them... Now I want to add some decor and such to our bathroom - it's pretty plain. And add more decor above the cabinets in the kitchen. And add decor to the ledge in the living room. Make a full wall canvas display with our new family pictures for the living room. Make a new wreath for the front door. Get new carpet. Get that fence. Get a new dresser for our bedroom {the one we have is the one Jake got as a baby}. Yeah the list could go on FOR-EV-ER {like Sandlot} but for now, I like what we have done! And I want to do things slowly - once I am POSITIVE that is what I want in a spot so that I don't buy things and hang things and then take them down and change my mind and waste money and put useless holes in my walls haha. Yay for getting pretty good at decorating our home!

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