Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finally Done

I finally read all 7 of the Harry Potter books. The past week, it's all I have been able to think about. And now I'm done. 7th was kinda hard to push through - super depressing and confusing and I was super impatient but oh was it worth it. I've been reading at work - we've been so slow and I had to stop myself a few times from cheering out loud at a few parts. And had to stop myself from crying at a few parts. Like a lot of parts. Seriously, I love Harry Potter haha. Still sad that Sirius Black had to die - he was my favorite. But oh I love these books!!! Now that I've finally read them all, I think I need to have a marathon and watch all 8 movies! I've seen the first 4 but it's been a while. Good thing I have a long weekend coming up... I know exactly what I'll be doing... Ok not really. Taking time off work to see Clint. But I'm hoping to squeeze a few movies in there too!!

Now, to find another book to entertain me... Nothing is going to live up to these books though. Man, I love that I love to read. I love that I can get lost in a book and forget things about my own life because I get so drawn in to these new worlds I find. Oh my gosh I sound like a nerd. Hope Jake doesn't read this haha. Any suggestions anyone has for my next book are greatly appreciated...

Long live Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived {I just had to!!}

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