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Christmas Day 2012

Jake & I decided a few years ago that we like having Christmas morning just us. Gives us a chance to sleep in {if we can} and start our own traditions together. Last year, I woke us up pretty dang early and this year it was Jake that woke me up and asked if we could do presents. It was around 8 though - a normal time to wake up haha. We got up and got each other's stockings ready in separate rooms and Jake brought my present upstairs from the basement.

Our first Christmas we were married we started a tradition to go to Wal Mart on Christmas Eve 15-30 minutes before they close and buy each others stockings. So we are RUNNING around Wal Mart, trying to find good stuff for the other person while trying to hide from each other so that they don't see what we are wanting to get! It is SO much fun, and this year was no exception. He never saw me, I only saw him once when I got in line to check out but didn't see any of the stuff he had for me. Then we have the checker triple bag everything so that the other person won't see what's in the bags when we get back to the car! Then we hide it somewhere in the house until the next morning. I love the tradition we started :) 

Right before we opened gifts
Jake grew up with having a fire on when you open presents, so all by himself he found the "crackling fire" on Netflix. I thought that was really sweet & fun that he is keeping traditions going from growing up. And yes, that TV is above our real fireplace... It's not vented so we try not to turn the fireplace on.
Looking at my gift in the corner haha
Jake looking at his stocking

My stocking! That pillow is AMAZING! And there was a foot massager in there too!
Max's stocking!
Jake opening his first gift... 
A Go Pro! I got it on video - his reaction was great. I had told him we weren't buying anything that expensive, since we got the couch and the new laptop and my new ring in November but I got it for him anyway! He was super excited!! 
It came with a helmet too but he prefers to wear it on his head haha
Then it was my turn to open my present... 
I GOT AN ELLIPTICAL!!! Seriously I was SO excited. He got this on video too - my reaction was pretty intense. I was in TOTAL shock. I had no idea he knew I wanted one, and I hadn't asked for one or anything. He put it together for me the next day - I LOVE IT!! 
Seriously SO excited!!! 
Jake's last minute present I got while at Wal Mart... It was for both of us...
Nerf Guns!! He immediately opened his, put it together and we got in a war. We've had a few since then - one of which he wore his Go Pro for so we got video of it. 
Opening his gun while Max ate his football shaped dog cookie
My other gift - weights!! They adjust  from 5 pounds to 25 pounds each in 2.5 pound increments. Seriously, I LOVE THEM! I started using them right away with ChaLean Extreme and they are just AMAZINGLY awesome!! 
After we were done with presents and constantly telling the other how much we love them for the surprises, we had breakfast. Waffles with thick pepper-cut bacon for Jake and turkey sausage for me. Ok seriously I wish I had taken pictures of this - I usually make a HUGE mess when I make waffles and this time I did it without making a mess of any kind. It was kind of a big deal. We had peanut butter, strawberries, greek yogurt, whipped cream & syrup as options to top our waffles with. It was DELICIOUS! After breakfast, we played with our toys a while and then got ready to go to Jake's parents house for gifts.

Jake mounted the GoPro on the Mazda to film our drive to his parents house. I love that he likes his GoPro so much haha!
We got to Jake's parents and opened presents right away. They had already opened gifts so this was like round 2 for Kenzie & Emrie haha.

Dad opening his gift - a shaving kit from The Art of Shaving.
Dustin & Clint got one too
Grandma got a necklace with a heart on it and a poem in the box about Grandma's. And no we didn't write the poem haha
Modeling her necklace
Kenzie & Emrie opening their gifts 
Emrie got Horton Hears a Who and Kenzie got Madagascar 3 for the Wii. 
Mom opening her bracelet. We also got her a necklace :) 
Emrie got Tangled for the Wii
Kenzie opening Madagascar 3 the movie
Jake got a Duck Dynasty shirt! We love that show!!
And I totally didn't take pictures of what else we got -  from mom & dad we each got $50 Visa gift cards, a pair of socks {that's a tradition with mom - she gets everyone socks!}, some smell good stuff from Rue 21 and Jake got a $50 gift card to Cabela's & I got a $50 gift card to Maurice's! I got some SUPER cute stuff at Maurice's the other day with my gift card. I LOVE that store!! Dustin got us a gift card to Chili's. I absolutely LOVE their chips & salsa so we eat there a lot haha. Total score!!!

We hung around and talked and watched movies and ate food all day. Christmas dinner was delicious, as usual. Sorry for the lack of pictures on that. And then we had the moment we were all waiting for - Clint skyped us!!

The sound wasn't working so we skyped to see each other and talked on the phone to hear each other
 It was so good to get to see him and talk to him. He comes home in less than 2 weeks! It made it that much harder to get off the phone with him though - knowing that we can see him so soon but that it isn't hear quite yet. Then Miss Macy came over and gave us our all our gifts - we got a Texas Roadhouse gift card! We got her a lavender scented bath set :)

It was really good to get to spend Christmas with the girls. I love when they are here for Christmas - it's a whole different experience. Makes me so excited to have kids! And knowing we got to skype Clint that night made it so that we had something to look forward to after presents were over. It was an amazing Christmas!

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