Monday, January 28, 2013

The best birthday gift Jake could get me

This weekend, I got the BEST birthday present ever imaginable from Jake. We went to the temple together. Inside. I got to go INSIDE the temple with my husband. He got a baptism recommend when we went to the Brigham City Temple dedication in September and have been meaning to go to the temple together since then, but this weekend we FINALLY did it!!

Jake outside Timp temple. It was rainy that day - nice & slippery haha
Inside the waiting room waiting to go downstairs
Our awesome couple we doubled with - I can't wait to double with them more often!!!
It was seriously amazing. I loved getting to sit next to him and hold his hand while we were waiting. He was pretty nervous - he hadn't been to do baptisms in quite a while but he went and he did great!! Nothing to be worried about at all :)
The temple as we were leaving. I love how it looks at night :)
Us in the car after we were all done
Jake & I were both starving & I told Jake he could have WHATEVER he wanted since this was so important to me. He opted for steak, and suggested we go to Porter's Place in Lehi on Main Street. I had never been there before and I cannot WAIT to go back - it was SO much fun! And the food was pretty good too :)

After our first trip to the salad bar, with out fun drink we got to share!
It was called "The Gold Fever" - Peach & Orange Rapture. Pretty good but WAY sour haha
Jake got a 10 oz steak with potatoes & I got an elk burger with fries. Oh my gosh. SO yummy. And yes, it was my cheat meal for the week so that's why I got fries. And elk is actually super healthy for you, so I felt proud of me for getting something healthy in my cheat meal. And I got a HUGE salad from the salad bar first :)

Can't wait to go back
View from the street
After we were done at Porter's Place, we went home and curled up on the couch to watch X Games.

It was an AMAZING Saturday night. Seriously, best weekend I think I have EVER had. And the best birthday gift Jake could have given to me :)

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