Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First for me...

For as long as I can remember, I have had "hair ADD". I am ALWAYS changing my hair, whether its color or length or bangs or style - ALWAYS making changes to it!

When Jake & I were first dating - longest it ever went
Short & dark with a few highlights
More blonde with bangs
Long & dark....
Short & red...
But all along, I have wanted long hair. And I try to grow it, it gets to my collar bone and I cut it because I hate it. After I lost my weight, well most of it since I am still not quite at goal, I decided to go back to an a line because my face was skinny enough for it. I had been really wanting long hair - I had a "different" rockin body then I had ever had before, so I wanted different hair than I had ever had before too. But I caved and cut my hair. And I immediately really wanted long hair again. I feel like my face looks skinnier when my hair is longer...

I'm smaller on the right, but I think I look smaller overall on the left because of my hair. What do you think?
And I can't do a ponytail when I work out! That drives me NUTS!! So Saturday I mentioned to Jake that I really wanted long hair - like I wanted extensions, and he said I could get them! I totally thought he was kidding at first, but he stuck with his decision so I got them put in last night!! Kariann Murphy, my amazing neighbor, friend & stylist did them for me. She seriously is AMAZING - I love her!!!  
Right after they were put in, before we cut and shaped them. They are 18 inch extensions!
After I got home last night - LOVE them!!!
Left was yesterday morning, right was at night. Crazy how much can change in a day haha
I curled it this morning all by myself. If you know me at all, I ALWAYS have straight hair. I NEVER ever curl my hair. Part of that is because it was short, but part is because I don't know how and I did it all by myself today!!! I used my curling wand, which I didnt love - I want to use a curling iron so I get bigger, beachier waves so on lunch today I am getting a new curling iron! But here is this morning with a wand!
PS - I think I look rockin skinny. I am SO dang proud of how much definition and tone I am getting thanks to ChaLean Extreme and all those dang squats and lunges I am doing!!
Seriously, I wish I had got long hair a long time. I feel like a new person. I cannot stop smiling when I look in the mirror. I feel INCREDIBLY vain because I think I look so good. And that is SUCH a weird feeling for me!! But I could TOTALLY get used to it haha.

Side note - yesterday I went shopping after work {I worked a short day} and was able to get some clothes at Rue 21!! I AM SMALL ENOUGH FOR RUE 21 CLOTHES!!! I may or may not have been waiting for this moment for a LONG time. Afterwards I went to get a new bra from Lane Bryant, the plus size store next to Rue 21. I have bought bras from there for at least 5 years - they have AWESOME bras. And guess what? THEY DON'T MAKE A BRA SMALL ENOUGH FOR ME!!!!!! After going from I am in the largest band they had in my cup size, to they don't have a band size small enough. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?! Now I have to find a new place to buy bras, and a new style of bra, since I know exactly what kind I like at Lane Bryant. But that's a challenge I will gladly take!! Maybe I will go check out Victoria's Secret?? I have ALWAYS wanted to buy a bra there but couldn't - and now I can!! HOLLA!!!!

Heck yes for looking and feeling like a new me!!! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! And I love my hair - seriously I am IN LOVE with my hair haha!

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  1. Holy crapoli! I'm in love with the locks! And totally jealous! I haven't cut my hair since MAY and it's still nowhere as long as I want it! I have this picture of me with pretty beachy waves when I deliver this litte man (don't think it's going to happen dangit!). Seriously you look awesome and the hair is super hot! Way to go girl :)