Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day has always meant a day off for me. There isn't school & it's a banking holiday. This year though, I feel like I am actually celebrating it in an appropriate way. How? I FINALLY finished reading "The Help".

It's an amazing book. Seriously if you haven't read it I highly recommend it! It took me a while to get through it but it was well worth it and I loved it. It's made me think a lot about how different things are now from only 50 years ago. Reading some of the things that used to happen in the south are so awful that I feel like it was should have been hundreds of years ago.

I finished the book on Saturday night. Jake had worked overtime the night before and was pretty tired, so we came home and he got ready to go to bed around 7 PM. That means he had been up for over 24 hours. Sometimes I just don't know how he does it! I wasn't tired, since I had taken a nap after work so I decided I would have a relaxing "pampering" Saturday night...

Lavender bubble bath, chocolate shakeology for dinner, a good book & a Proactiv mask 
I love long bubble baths. LOVE them. That was one of the requirements for the house we bought - it had to have a good bath tub. And I was kinda craving something chocolatey so I made me some Chocolate Shakeology for dinner. Yep that hit the spot. I don't have Shakeology very often anymore, but it's nice to have on days I really want something sweet! And I started using Proactiv again - I will post more about that in a week or two since I want to do a side by side of how my skin is clearing up since I started using it again.

I was in the tub for 3 hours. Had to rinse out the water once and add new water since it got so cold but it was wonderful. Seriously, I love LONG bubble baths. And I finished my book. And when I was done, I just walked around the house kinda in a stupor that things like that really happened in my parent's lifetime. It's seriously AWFUL how things like that happened! Makes me SO grateful for Martin Luther King, Jr. & Rosa Parks and all those who put their foot down and demanded that things be different. Also kinda makes me think of "Remember the Titans". I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! And in that movie, there is a lot of problems in their town because they are making the schools interracial. Yeah just makes me so sad to think people could act that way. I plan to watch the movie of "The Help" later on today. I have been wanting to see it FOR-E-VER but wanted to read the book first, since I'm that annoying person that will compare them and I always like to have read the book first.

I slept in really late today {seeing that I don't have work} and didn't get up until around 1 PM. Yeah talk about a waste of a day. I am getting a little bit of a sore throat though... Hopefully getting some rest and taking it easy today will help me get feeling better. I decided to get a few things accomplished though - like cutting Max's hair.

Being camera shy 
He needed a cut SO badly - I kept telling him the last 2 weeks he looks like an Ewok from Star Wars - the little teddy bear things in the sixth one {Return of the Jedi}. He is so cute when he gets fluffy but it was way past time for a cut. And the weather is actually pretty nice today. And when I say nice, I mean that it's 25 degrees outside. It has been SOOOOOO cold lately and I had to take advantage of the slightly warmer weather. 

Doesn't he look so cute?? 
And I had to document me. Max loses his hair when it gets cut {obviously} and while most of it lands on the ground or on the ironing board where I cut his hair, a good portion of it always seems to get on me ...

Not anywhere near as bad as previous times but still had way too much on me for my liking! 
My mother in law also was able to pick up my new DoTerra oils today! Yes, I am jumping on the DoTerra wagon. I eat healthy - no processed stuff or ingredients I can't pronounce. So why would I put medicine in my body that has things in it I can't pronounce? Now - that does NOT mean that I am never going to take medicine from a pharmacy or whatever. I am grateful for modern medicine and plan to use it when needed. I just want to try using the oils and see how they work in comparison to not using any medicine at all {like I have been}. I haven't been sick or anything - just when I have a headache, I don't do anything about it. When I have a stomach ache, I don't do anything about it. So I am excited to try these oils!!

Alright - signing off now. Plans for the remainder of the day are to take Max for a walk since it's a pretty nice day and we haven't gone on one in months, watch "The Help", pick up my oils & start reading the sixth Harry Potter book. I haven't read the seventh one. Ever. Gasp. I know - I am WAY behind haha. But before I read the seventh, I know I will need a refresher so I am going to read the sixth one again. I have read the other 5 probably 4 or 5 times each, so I have those ones down fairly well. I am so excited to get to FINALLY finish the series - thanks Lindsey for letting me borrow them!!

Oh and PS - no binging this weekend. NONE. And my reward for doing so awesome? Lost 2 pounds. I've been the same weight since November 12 & because I am developing some discipline again, the weight is coming off again. WOOT!!!!! So proud of me!!! And you'd better believe when I almost binged, I thought of my blog & my goals I had written down and that I wanted to track everything I eat and then I didn't binge! Write your goals down people - tell other people about them. It helps!!

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