Friday, January 18, 2013

Blake turns 25

Blake just turned 25. Well we celebrated him turning 25. His birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated last Sunday at my parents house. We had his favorite dinner - home made tostadas with all the fix-in's. SO yummy - my mom makes that taste better than Cafe Rio!! Afterwards we had gifts! Gotta love gifts at birthday time :)

Opening the present from Popper - Land O Lake butter. I guess she put that as an answer one time when they played Scattergories as an item you give as a gift. So she HAD to get hime some for his birthday haha.
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup shaped like hearts!! Um YES please!! Haha
Opening the gift from us - it's a Nike+ sensor. You put it in your shoe or your sock and it tracks distance, steps taken - stuff like that. He walks a lot around school, did Insanity recently & is working out with Brynne so we thought he'd like something that motivates you to be more active!
Showing the camera :)
The gift from mom & Poppa. It's the books in the John Carter series. PS I love Brynne's face in this - she is looking at him so adoringly haha.
Mom showing the books to Blake - each book contains 3 books, except book 3 contains 2 books. So 3 books contain 8 books. Confused yet? Haha
He was really excited!!
Jeannene chilling while we watched Blake open gifts
Mom, Brynne & Blake
Richard, Sam, Popper & Lizzy
Rick in his chair :)
Me & Jake - pre extensions haha
Then it was time to sing and have dessert!! Jeannene made Reese's Peanut Butter Cup no bake dessert decadence-ness in a box. Seriously UH MAZING! And we had ice cream on the side. Meh. But oh that Reese's thing... MMMMM. AND I ONLY HAD ONE PIECE!!! GO ME!!

Jeannene bringing him his dessert while we sang
Jeannene worried about getting blown on haha
It was an awesome birthday. The next day, Blake & Brynne went to the Miami Heat game as one of his gifts! They lost though ... I feel bad for B&B since they love the Heat but I was happy the Heat lost since I don't like them, and it's always nice when the Jazz have a big win haha. Yay for Blake turning 25!! I'm next - less than 2 weeks!

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