Friday, January 25, 2013


I am having a hard time dealing with "everyday" life since I started reading Harry Potter. All I want to do is read. Every minute of every day. Thank heavens it has been slow at the bank and I can read a ton. I have been averaging about 200 pages a day - finished book 6 today. I've read it before but I still was seriously holding back tears when Dumbledore dies. {HOPE I DIDN'T SPOIL ANYTHING FOR ANYONE!!} I'm a baby when it comes to books - I cry much easier reading a book than I do while watching a movie. Yeah I feel like I am "temporarily" living my life and as soon as a customer leaves, I can go back to Hogwarts and the life I have taken up over there this past week.

Lindsey brought book 7 in for me, so I have already started it. But I just feel deflated knowing Dumbledore is gone. That's part of why I never read 7 to begin with - I hated that Sirius Black died, and I hate that Dumbledore died. I know not everyone can live but that makes me so sad!! And mad - I love Sirius! He was my favorite!! Poor Harry has everyone he loves die. It's depressing!! But you'd better believe I am planning to fly through Book 7 haha. Maybe I should try to go slow and enjoy it... but there are enough books out there to read that once I am done, I will find another awesome book to start on.

Found this on Pinterest and it was too perfect to not share haha.

Alright back to Harry Potter. And yes I am a nerd, but trust me - it's one of those blustery weather, rainy kinda days where you want to curl up with a book next to a fireplace with hot chocolate & thick socks on. And I am at work. Without any hot chocolate. And nylons aren't the same as fuzzy socks. But oh well right? I can imagine :)

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