Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lacking a clever title...

So I am pretty caught up on my blogging from the holidays - with the exception of blogging about Christmas with the Jones'/Burton families but I need to get a few pictures from Brynne before I can post about that so here is a plain ol' "update" post on what's going on with us right now.

Jake applied for a position on day shift as a shipping clerk and had his interview today! He felt like it went really well, so we are crossing our fingers. We don't think we'll know for about 10 days since they are interviewing 32 people but we are hoping that he got it! Yes, 32 people. Apparently Jake isn't the only one wanting a change of pace at work haha. The good news is that he likes the area he is in now, and he likes the team he is with so if he doesn't get it, it'll be ok. We just both REALLY want him to go to day shift and he is ready for something new so pray that we get positive news back!

I am flying through Harry Potter. I set a goal to read about 100 pages a day and am averaging around 200 a day and it's been REALLY slow at the bank so I am hoping to be done by Saturday at the latest! I forgot how much I love the Harry Potter books. I love books in general, but Harry Potter just is something else - it's a whole new world and after having not read them for so long I keep having to mentally remind myself what certain things are, or ask Lindsey about someone or something from the 5th book that I apparently have forgotten. I maintain that the 3rd book is my favorite, but the more that it comes up, the more I realize how much I liked 4 as well. I just love Harry Potter.

Still love my hair!! I have had a few extensions "fall" out but Kariann put them back in and I realized {thanks to Kariann and Google} that I was doing quite a few things wrong and that was what was causing them to slide out. Those things have been remedied and they are working awesome. I have curled it every single day since I got them and I am wanting to venture out and try half ups or something else with them but I am nervous about them showing haha. I am getting pretty good at curling my hair though! I was a HUGE hairspray queen and would pretty much cement my hair in place to make it look perfect all day. Don't do that anymore - I'm relaxing on how it looks since I want it to move like normal hair haha. I've also been wearing headbands more - well twice since I got them, which is two more times than I've worn headbands in the last 6 months! I absolutely love my hair. Don't regret getting them AT ALL!

I start using my DoTerra oils day before yesterday and so far I really like them. I do a drop or two of lemon in my water each morning after breakfast and then take the supplements at night with dinner. I have been taking "OnGuard" every day because there is both strep and the flu going around and I don't want to catch either on them! So far {knock on wood} so good! I felt it coming a little bit, just a scratchy throat but since starting my oil regimen I feel great. I also got the supplements "PB Assist" and "GX Asssit" so that I can do the DoTerra cleanse. You take GX Assist everyday for 10 days, then take PB Assist every day for 5 days, then do nothing for 15 days, then repeat. It is for cleansing the gastro intestinal tract. Today is day 3 {I take them at night} and I have lost 1.2 pounds so far - that's nothing to sneeze at! I had been wanting to do a "cleanse" through Beachbody called "The Ultimate Reset" but changed my mind because it is pretty expensive {$220 for the kit}, you eat REALLY restrictive foods for 3 weeks {so I'd be cooking 2 dinners each day and the food is EXPENSIVE} and there's no working out allowed for the 3 weeks, plus the week after. Yeah no not for me. True, I do take some days off from working out but going 4 weeks without it? That'd kill me!! So this is DoTerra cleanse is a good alternative for me because I can still workout, I can still eat the same dinners I am cooking for Jake and eat the same foods I normally eat but it will clean out my system and help clean out any toxins or gunk chillin' in my body. This is also a cleanse that is recommended if you are trying to get pregnant {fingers crossed}.

Speaking of Beachbody, I am no longer a coach. Pretty sure I talked about that already - somewhere on here haha but it just isn't for me. I think it's an awesome opportunity for people and I love the company - just don't think coaching is for me.

I am getting pretty dang trendy with my clothes & such. Way into coral, mint green & teal right now, along with skinny belts at the waist. And shoes. It's me - I love shoes. I wear heels a LOT now though. Like every single day. If I'm not in Nikes, I'm in heels. Which I'd rather be in Nikes haha. Getting smaller has definitely made me a shopping fanatic. I always used to secretly think my husband was so lucky that he wasn't married to one of "those" girls - the ones that have more shoes, purses & clothes than they know what to do with. Well, I've become one of those girls. Poor Jake... He is being pretty good about how much I spend on clothes though. We have a budget for it, and I had a few gift cards left over from Christmas so my spending has been minimal :)

I wore red. And stripes. With a "statement" necklace. And a skinny belt. I am going all sortsa outta my comfort zone!
Just finished Phase 1 of ChaLean Extreme {Burn Circuit} with my weights. Ok seriously, I can't tell you how much of a difference I have noticed in my body since I started ChaLean Extreme, let alone since I started it with weights. It is AMAZING how fast your body builds muscle. I am sore pretty much everyday - especially my legs - but I take that as a good sign. There was a day last week I wasn't sore after my workout and I was kinda mad at myself - means I didn't push myself to failure. I can't WAIT to see where I'm at when I'm all done with all 3 phases :)
After my workout earlier this week - did little bit of everything and burned 719 calories!! WOOT!!
I had been wanting to enter my results in the Beachbody Challenge at the end of this month for a chance to win $1000 but I'm starting to think maybe I want to wait until I've lost the last little bit I want to lose. Or at least toned a little more. Building muscle has me realizing I should ignore the scale, most of the time, but I do want to lose another 15 ish pounds. And I really want to tone a little more. So maybe, between the cleanse and how clean I've been eating, I will feel ready to enter my results at the end of February. The winner for December started at the same place I did {around 295 pounds} and is down to 133. Yeah no I am NOT that small yet. So I kinda want to wait until my loss is a little more dramatic. I guess we'll see - maybe I'll enter it this month and if I don't win, then I will enter again at the end of February, March, April... until they send me a check for $1000 :)

Ok I think that's all the updates I've got for ya :) I'll keep you posted on the cleanse, workouts, Jake's job, and my re-ignited Harry Potter obsession!

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