Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Birthday/Christmas Party for Ashley's Dad

Jake's dad & my dad have the same birthday - December 29th. This year, because of Brynne & Blake being in Vegas before Christmas, and then Jake & I being with the McClellan side on Christmas day, we decided to do a combined birthday/Christmas night with my dad on his birthday. Blake & Brynne picked him up and we all went to Sweet Tomatoes. Brynne & I loved it since it's a gourmet soup & salad bar with tons of healthy options. Jake wasn't a huge fan - they had very little "meat" and he is a huge carnivore haha. Not sure how the rest of the family felt about it but I have a feeling Jake & I won't ever be going there again haha.

After dinner we went back to my dad's house to open gifts. He just recently has his apartment remodeled and it looks great! He is still missing a stove/oven & microwave though, so hopefully he gets one soon so that he can actually cook food in his house!! My dad loves presents, so as soon as we got to his house he was ready to open them :)

His practical gift - now that he has carpet, he needs a vacuum! Brynne & Blake found it at Beebaw's house :)
Gift from Brynne & Blake - framed picture of a BYU football. I am a fanatical BYU fan because of my parents, so he was REALLY excited about this!!
Hercules on DVD. I remember listening to the soundtrack with him thousands of times when I was little
Holes on DVD! We read this book tons of times too growing up!
Book filled with football trivia & quotes from players & coaches. My dad is SUPER into stats, so this was also something he loved :)
"Millenium" from Backstreet Boys on CD. Seriously, this is one of my favorite memories from when my parents were still together. My mom, dad, Brynne & me went to the Backstreet Boys concert in 1998 {?} while we were here from California. I lost my voice SO dang bad haha - it was SO much fun though!! We all LOVE Backstreet Boys!
Opening the last gift...
A BYU coat!
Modeling it for us :)
After gifts, we talked for a little bit and then my dad suggested everyone watch "I know what you did last summer". Jake had worked the night before, so he was SUPER tired so we just went home rather than staying to watch the movie. It was an awesome night - happy birthday dad!!

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