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Christmas Eve 2012

**Warning ** Picture overload about to commence. It's really slow at the bank today {love working Saturdays for that reason!} so here comes pictures of our Christmas Eve in 2012!

The day before Christmas Eve we picked Poppa up from the airport! It was so good to get to see him, we just love when he comes to visit. Somehow he lost his usual hat {its blue & gold - signature Poppa hat haha} and he was SUPER cold. So my awesome Jake offered to give him one of our hats that we weren't using and Poppa was so excited. It was really cute. After we picked him up we all had dinner together and talked at the table. Then my mom gave my sisters & I all a gift just for us girls, along with a DVD of pictures of us as babies and growing up along with a song about our Happily Ever After. It was an awesome night!!!

Poppa rocking his new hat!
All of us squeezed in together. I love my sisters. Seriously, love. I don't know what I'd do without them!
Jake offered to take one for us. Much easier that way haha!
We spent Christmas Eve with my family {minus the few hours that I had to work}. Jake drove me to and from work, since it was snowing REALLY bad. That's pretty much thanks to Brynne - she had been praying for a white Christmas since Blake has never experienced one {living in Vegas & Japan for all of his Christmas's will do that for ya}. After Jake picked me up from work, we drove home to load up the truck with gifts, food & change of clothes and then we headed to my parents house!

Having family members who also eat healthy is marvelous. I really can't express enough how much I love it haha. My mom made really yummy homemade individual pizza's on 100 calorie sandwich thins. Delicious, yes. Easy, yes. Filling, yes. Easy to track calories, yes. Seriously amazing idea to make these. And then we had veggies & fruit and such on the side and there may have been some chips and/or crackers in there too. And hummus. We love hummus. After lunch we all changed clothes and headed off to go sledding! First, we had to stop at Wal Mart and buy a sled. Except the whole world had the same idea so we couldn't find one! We went to the Wal Mart in AF and found one and then headed up to the sand pits in Lehi by the Junior High. Seriously one of the funnest memories of my life. I haven't been sledding in SO long and it was SO much fun!!

First time Jake came down - I was so impressed he did it head first haha! 
How he landed haha
Covered in snow!
After Brynne's first time down haha
Sam was doing some tricky stuff!
Jeannene went backwards... 
Starting a train while Sam slid down
Our train of me, Jeannene & Popper

We were laughing SO hard - Popper had been SCREAMING
Still laughing...
Laughing so hard we can't get up haha
After a few times sledding down Jake went and did some drifting in the truck. It was AWESOME from my angle haha - I was proud of my rally driver hubby & our awesome truck!
After sledding, we came home and changed and got all pretty again and had dinner. We had manicotti with salad & garlic bread. DELICIOUS!! My mom has a pretty dang good manicotti recipe and she tweaked it a little for her, Brynne & I so it was lower fat but still yummy. After dinner, time for PRESENTS! WOOT!!! Jake & I started - I almost rather going last so that I can build the anticipation of watching everyone else open stuff but my mom feels the same way so we went first haha.
We got a red plate! This is a plate used for special occasions - birthday, when you get a promotion at work or good grades on your report card - stuff like that. I am so excited that Jake & I have one now!
Jake got thick wader socks for Duck Hunting!
I got "Who Wants Arthur?" and "Small One" - they are 2 children's books that I have ALWAYS loved!!
Jake got Iron Man on Blu - Ray since we returned the one we had to Blockbuster. Pretty sure I've already posted that story on the blog somewhere...
BYU shirt!! WOOT!!
Celtics hat!!
Max investigating his present from Buzz - his head was all the way down in the bag trying to get it out by himself
A duck! So he can duck hunt like dad! He loves it haha
Immediately wanted to play with it. Love my puppy!!
My mom found my baptism book! We found my testimony that I had written when I got baptized, along with my parents testimonies and fun pictures!
Jake got "Who's Who in the Book of Mormon" - it's AWESOME. I love it hah!
I got a Rose Gold watch. Every time I wear it I get compliments. I LOVE IT!!
Jake got thermals for duck hunting!
I got "Starved Stuff" - it's a married book. I love marriage books, and I love paperback books. Perfect fit for me!
Haha I love my face - I was SO surprised!! I got the HUGE nativity Willow Tree from my mom, Poppa & Santa!!
Immediately had to open it!!
Seriously I LOVE it!! It was so hard to put it down in the basement when we cleaned up Christmas!
Then it was time for everyone else to open their gifts from us!!

Fievel & Fievel Goes West - love those movies! Brings back memories from when I was little!
Little Women on DVD. She always used to call us her Little Women...
Workout clothes! There were 3 different outfits{shirts & pants} - all in colors that were bright :)

Buzz got a new monkey!
Rick got Goodwood BBQ sauce in both Sweet & Sassy  and Sweet & Spicy!
 And some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Poppa got some books. I think this was the Charles Dickens boxed set that has the Scrooge story in it and then a sequel written later by someone else.
A political thriller
Another political thriller. He loves books like this :)
Brynne & Blake got Ferngully & Fievel/Fievel Goes West - seriously she & I watched those movies millions of times!
Then it was time for the sibling gift exchange! We all draw names at Thanksgiving and then buy a gift for one of the 12 siblings {including spouses}. Chris didn't come so there was only 11 of us this year. Only.

Blake had Jake - he got a Potty Putting Set! SO Jake haha. We were all laughing really hard!!
Jake had Blake - he got him a Nike shirt that says Blake {made for Blake Griffin}. He liked it :)
Popper had me - she got me a new CTR ring!! I LOVE IT!!! I forgot I had asked for it and was SUPER surprised!
Chris had Richard so my parents filled in and got him a gift card to Wal Mart!
Lizzy had Sarah & got her a new cardigan!
Sarah had Brynne & got her lotion...
And the Continuous Atonement. She was SUPER excited!!
Jeannene had Matt and got him a tape measure. He wanted that. Made me almost sad haha. He is SO grown up now asking for tools and stuff. Dang kid quit growing up!!
Emily got a candle and a manicure set...
And a lavendar bath set so she can pamper herself!!
Brynne had Lizzy and got her a box of cute things - nail polish...
And fuzzy socks... There was other stuff too I just can't remember what haha
I had Jeannene & got her a Zebra purse! She liked it :)
And I forgot to get a picture but Richard had Popper and got her a Maurice's gift card. LOVE that store. She was SUPER excited haha. After present clean up we made Shakeology balls for Santa. Seriously, LOVE MY FAMILY BEING HEALTHY! They were delicious. Mostly because they had peanut butter in them haha.

I will be making these again!!
And then we left to go home and get some sleep - it was close to 11 and Jake & I are seriously early birds when it comes to going to bed. We brought all our stuff and Max in the house and then read "The Night Before Christmas" together.

I love my hubby SOOO much for putting up with my traditions even when we don't have kids
And then we watched Christmas Story on TBS for about 5 minutes before we were both unconscious. It was a REALLY fun Christmas Eve!!

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